Z’s arms are around the cat and typing is being done with difficulty

I’m home and all has gone well.  Dee is feeling so much better than before the operation and is a lot more mobile, though it’s going to take a while for her to be fully active again.  Wink came along yesterday to take over from me.

All has gone well while I’ve been away, too.  I’ve only been missed for my sparkling personality and cheering presence, not because things fall apart when I’m not here – as I expected. And LT cooked a delicious lamb rogan josh and Gujarati-style green beans for dinner, with some of the naan bread I made and froze a week or two ago.

Which reminds me (because one of the reasons I made the bread was to use up surplus milk) that, the last time I made yoghurt, there was no surplus whey.  Usually, I boil the milk, cool it to the right temperature, add a spoonful of yoghurt and put it in a thermos flask for a few hours, where it sets.  Then I tip it into a sieve and the whey drips through, leaving the yoghurt, which would otherwise be quite watery, which I put into a jar and into the fridge.  I don’t know what was different this time because it didn’t separate and was not as runny as usual.  I used a pint of whole milk and about a half pint from another bottle – the top half, so it included the cream (this is just pasteurised, not homogenised and I never buy skimmed) and perhaps that was the reason.  I’m wondering whether to buy a pint of creamy Jersey milk next time.  I usually waste about 20% of the quantity – though I can soak bread or oats in it and give it to the chickens – and if it meant it was naturally thicker then it would be worthwhile – though the principle of using surplus milk would be lessened.  I have two pints a week delivered, but we hardly use any, some weeks.  Anyone got any views on the subject?

When I got home, I found the tickets for three concerts waiting for me, which is very cheering.  Having also got my seed order from gardening club, I feel that spring is on the way.  Though I’ve got to deal with the panes missing in the greenhouse before any seeds can be sown, of course.

And tonight, I’ll spend an hour or two catching up on your blogs.

2 comments on “Z’s arms are around the cat and typing is being done with difficulty

  1. 63mago

    Milk used to be white and come out of a cow. In the cities today it is brown and called “latte”, I do not know where it comes from.
    There you have all my milky knowledge, sorry to be no help at all.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m not too good on all these coffees – though a friend has explained it helpfully, I normally drink black coffee so I don’t need to know the difference between all the brown ones. I don’t know your equivalent of the Jersey cow!


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