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I blogged the whole thing! Here.  Oh dear, I’m sorry.  I remembered that I’d written about all the dogs, so checked what I’d said about Susie.  Just as well, I suppose, I was telling the story very badly, yesterday.

I’ve never been much for reminiscing to my children, I don’t think.  My mother used to – she had a lot of tales which were repeated over and again, and I try not to do that because – well, sometimes it got a bit boring.  Although, since she died, I’ve realised that we were so used to her stories that we never noticed the huge pieces she left out.  And now it’s too late to ask and we have no way of knowing.  There were various inaccuracies that we didn’t notice at the time – she simply got it wrong, but we never questioned it.  She always said that she was 14 when the war broke out, for example, but actually she was nearly 16 – she never disguised her age, it was simply that she forgot, but we never did the sums.

We’re looking forward to the weekend.  Weeza and the children are coming over to stay for the first time in ages.  Actually, I can’t remember them all staying here before, but she says they have, though Gus was in a cot the last time – I expect she’s right.  Phil will stay home and do some DIY.  DIH, I suppose.

Tomorrow morning, I expect to be up a ladder cutting back the Virginia creeper, which is Virginia creeping all over the bedroom windows.  In fact, it’s growing over the chimney pots too, but I can’t get up that high so I’ll have to cut it off lower down.  I am not afraid of heights exactly, but they do give me vertigo.  Still, 20 feet down isn’t that vertigo.  Even so, I’ll try not to fall off.

8 comments on “Z’s anecdotage

  1. tim

    Funny thing, vertigo. I was cliff walking in Pembrokeshire the other day, and discovered that I only get it if there’s sea below me. If it’s land, that’s fine. Weird, eh?

    1. Z Post author

      I’d be an awful nuisance if I did, Mago, and my children would start telling me I was too old to climb ladders.

  2. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! Now, I saw the state of the creeper. Beautiful, but ruggedly determined. Please be careful up that ladder. I still think there should be some young limb who might do this for you. Take care please. Especially with that vertigo punning. Indigo x

    1. Z Post author

      It’s all right, I have only done round the windows so far. My stepladder wasn’t high enough to get up under the eaves. I need a long ladder and someone at the bottom to hold it – or someone younger up there while I do.

  3. Liz

    Careful up that ladder, like wot Indigo said!

    Vertigo is a problem with the inner ear and has many causes (my own current bout is probably the result of a really bad cold I had recently). I’m not sure why being up high should trigger it in so many people, unless you look down suddenly perhaps? I can see that Tim’s example of looking down and seeing the sea moving would easily trigger an attack though. Movement of the head does it for me; just rolling over in bed this morning made the world sway around in a most alarming way.

  4. Z Post author

    I’ve a couple of friends who’ve had bad attacks of labyrinthitis in the last year or two which has given them huge problems with balance and vertigo. It’s a beastly feeling. I hope yours clears up soon. Mine is usually just the feeling of relatively mild and controllable wooziness of looking down from a height. I never had it until I had children, but it’s much better now they’ve grown up. It’s all in the mind with me, evidently.


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