I came up with a suggestion today that, momentarily, silenced the Head, until he pointed out a fatal flaw – though with a certain regret, because he recognised the brilliance (not saying it was good, but it was brilliant).  I’ve just realised, and emailed him to say, that the flaw is not necessarily fatal, having done a bit of remembering from yesterday’s meeting – I had actually made a note of the relevant point, having no idea of its relevance at the time.  However, I think it’s too radical a plan – though it’d be fun and would completely wrong-foot certain unhelpful people.

You know sometimes, when there’s a problem, you suddenly have a brilliant idea which doesn’t quite hold water, but which opens up other pathways (waterways?), either in your brain or the other person’s, that might float all the boats, though?*  The Sage is excellent for bouncing ideas off – I rattle away excitedly and he listens with an indulgent air.  Usually, by the time I’ve talked through it, I’ve noticed the impracticalities myself.  But sometimes, the project takes off (this is how the wall idea started, with me saying “Wouldn’t it be fun if…”).    I do appreciate people who don’t dampen enthusiasm.

I’m writing early this evening, because I’m going out.  In fact, Dilly and I are both going to visit a friend, and being picked up by another.  We’re also, with three other of Dilly and Al’s friends, going to the next village to a quiz and supper tomorrow night.  This is terribly unusual for me.  I might celebrate by going to the pub on Sunday.  I haven’t had a pint of Lightweight for ages.

A few minutes passes…  Goodness, this is getting to be a social whirl.  Ro just phoned and I’ve suggested I take him and Dora out to lunch tomorrow.  I’m awfully excited.  This is lovely.  I do enjoy this sort of thing, I wonder why I don’t do it more often?

*terribly sorry for that laboured and slightly implausible metaphor

14 comments on “Zingo!

  1. Z

    What? But what about our party?

    Too much at stake to fail, we’ll be audacious but sensible, Sandy. Which is quite Z behaviour, actually!

  2. Dave

    Did you think I would socialise at the party? I planned to hide behind the wall, and pretend to be a flower. Much like most other parties.

  3. Z

    One of the hosts can’t be a wallflower, Dave. You could serve the food, that’s a good way to appear sociable without actually having to make small talk. And, of course, everyone will want to know just how you laid the ornamental bricks.

    Simon, dear heart, I’m proud to be compared to you.

  4. Z

    We can all party one side of the wall while Dave skulks the other, peeping at us through the ornamental bricks? Sounds as if that’s his plan.

  5. Z

    I can’t explain what it’s all about, I’m afraid. There are answers and guarantees we’ve got to have, which we have asked for, before we can take anything further.

    I got up late this morning, Madame

    I wasn’t being cutting, Simon


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