Zho, ho ho. Z is Farmer Christmas*

If anyone knows who sent me this brilliant mug, please let me know so that I can say thank you. It’s not anyone in my family.  As Sir Bruin wonderfully said, I now need some Lionel Rich Tea biscuits to go with it…









I finished wrapping children’s and grandchildren’s presents today and have delivered them, with a cheery ho ho ho, as is required by law.    I’ve got a lot of wrapping paper and various other stuff in front of me as I write, I have to deal with it all tonight, because I’m off in the morning.  First I go to Lovely Tim, then on to Wink before going to Poole on Wednesday, for Zig’s funeral.  All in the same neck of the woods, more or less – I hope Eloise cat will not find it all too difficult, but I think she will be okay.

Roses, her Boy and her Lawrence will be holding the fort here.  Although this place is pretty safe, it’s never left empty.

*as the very young Ro used to call him

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