Zeta the baby

Though I don’t think much seeing to will be necessary, because by the time I arrive to babysit tonight, Zerlina will be in bed. I’m staying overnight because I’m going to a study day on the history of silver tomorrow in Norwich. Weeza is coming over here to work on sale stuff with the Sage. The next sale isn’t until the end of April. This alarming efficiency is quite disconcerting. Today even I’m working, doing an inventory, but the Sage has just nipped out to keep an appointment so I’ve got a few minutes spare. It is lunchtime, after all.

By the way, I mentioned yesterday about how a dog cheers you up when you’re down but I didn’t refer to the great pleasure there is in enjoying the company of a happy dog. He loves to have fun and you don’t have to be miserable to appreciate that…

The Sage was caught out by his lack of knowledge about technical things this morning. He went to the post office to get his pension – he insists on receiving it in cash, which he has to do by having an account and using a card and PIN. He keyed in the PIN, and (for the first time ever) got it wrong. Not realising that it would get blocked, he kept indignantly putting in the number. Hm. Of course, afterwards he realised he put in the wrong double number – 1123 instead of 1223, as it were. He’s phoned up for a new PIN and is told that it’ll take a fortnight to be posted to him. Excuse me? The person at the end of the phone could do it there and then, surely and arrange for it to be posted – I don’t see why it should take longer than 3 days. As I remember, when I got a PIN wrong I ended up having to do myself a new one at the bank cashpoint myself, I’m not convinced that this will work anyway. I phoned twice for a new number, was told I was being sent one and only received the old one. It wasn’t until the third call that I was told the correct thing to do. Anyway. Different bank, maybe it’ll be a different procedure. I’ve explained to the Sage, anyway, that if he does it wrong twice to go away and think carefully what he’s doing wrong, because it’s probably not the machine, or him accidentally pressing a number too hard and making it come up twice. Fortunately, we can still afford to eat without access to his pension for a fortnight, but I suppose it would be all the same to them if we relied on it to live day to day.

Talking of efficiency, I’ve started to buy stuff for *you know when*. I think I’ve been influenced by LOM, who has already bought and wrapped all presents and written cards too. I don’t care for it, I prefer not to start until December, but since I’ll be away the last week in November and will, no doubt, wander around in a daze for a few days afterwards trying to catch up with things, this is highly sensible.

By the way, the friendly thing of sending holiday postcards to bloggers is a jolly one, and I’ll be happy to join in if anyone would like to send me their address. My blog email is on my profile, but to save you clicking, it’s zoesonholiday*at*hotmail*dot*com (with appropriate adjustments, of course). Martina, Dave and Dandelion, I’ve got your addresses.
Hm. I’ve taken my half hour lunch break. Come on Sage, time to get back to work.

7 comments on “Zeta the baby

  1. Dave

    How inconvenient if his new PIN is 1223. If the card gets misused no doubt writing the number down here will be classed as carelessness.

  2. Z

    If it is, he will change it forthwith. Actually, he intends to change it anyway, to a mysterious number which he refuses to tell me.

  3. Sarah

    I always get in such a muddle about Christmas pressies. Buying them for everyone at a specific time of year is a chore. I love to give presents, but only when I want to give them! I always leave Christmas shopping too late , it makes me miserable! I don’t send cards any more either for the same reason. Oh I can feel a decline coming on at the mere mention of it!

  4. Z

    I’m with you, Sarah. Although, clustered around the fire on the morning, it would be a bit dismal to have nothing at all to open. We’ve become quite ruthless about it, circulating lists of suggestions and, if something good is bought and the recipient could do with it straight away, it’s given early. Or late come to that, I still owe Ro a present from his birthday in July.

    I do all shopping at the local shops or on the internet. Norwich has lost me. Except I need a pair of boots. Damn.

  5. Four Dinners

    “Hello…Co-Operative Banking Services”

    “Howdo…I’ve forgotten my PIN number”

    “Can I have your password please sir?”


    “I’m sorry sir, it isn’t Carol”

    “Must be Jacqui then”

    “I’m sorry sir it isn’t Carol so I can be of no further help”

    “It’s Jacqui! It is Jacqui isn’t it?”

    “I’m sorry sir I must now terminate this call as you supplied incorrect information”

    I rang back and got the exact same girl – she gave her name at the start….

    “Er….forgot me PIN”

    “Could I take your password sir?”


    “Thank you sir now…..”

    “Hang about!!! You hung up on me a minute back!”

    “You gave the wrong password sir”

    “But I gave you the right one second time….wife or daughter. Had to be one of em….”

    “You gave the wrong password sir”


    “I beg your pardon sir?”


    “I’m sorry?”

    “So am I!!! I’ve fortgot me bloody PIN. What is it?”

    “I can send you a new PIN in the post sir. It will be with you in ten working days”

    “Ten???!!!…er….look…er…I have babies….er…triplets…they need feeding…need my PIN to get money out to feed them” (ok I was lying…obviously…. but she didn’t know – not for sure

    “Your new PIN will arrive within ten working days sir”

    “My babies!!!” (howls down phone)

    She hung up.

    The moral of this story is….

    Never have triplets….

  6. Z

    I’ve had that sort of conversation too, 4D.

    Princess and the pea, Simon, I’m not. Stuff my mattress with fivers and I’ll sleep all the sounder.

    And I have my own bank account, the key to a happy relationship.


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