It’s all going to plan so far.  It was so good to see Kavitha and family, and Sam and Zerlina, though they don’t see each other often, got on with each other immediately.  Sami is about 9 months older than Z.

It was 6.30 when we arrived back here so I cracked on with making pancakes – Gus had had some at his childminder’s, but Z hadn’t had any yet.  I put out lemons, sugar, golden syrup and Nutella.  I’ve always been something of a pancake purist, sticking normally to the lemon juice and sugar combo, but I tried spreading one with Nutella.  Darlings, it was heaven.  I went all Harry Met Sally with my squeals and groans of delight, to the high amusement of the children.  I’d barely calmed down when Roses popped through – I’d had a couple of crates of wine delivered and Lawrence kindly carried them through for me.  I was down to my last 7 bottles of red, it was high time to stock up.

Lawrence recommended Nutella and banana, so I had to try that too.  More squeals of gustatory joy, I have to confess.  Yet, after the children were in bed, I ferreted around for something non-sweet but not too filling and finally had to resort to black coffee and Twiglets.  Bacon for breakfast tomorrow, I think.

7 comments on “Zedonism

  1. 63mago

    Nutella ! Be careful, it’s addictive. Works also on hot toast, preferably if it’s crisp dark-brown, but that’s just me. One can also put a cherry on top, but that may border on the perverse. (Ms Scarlet once called me a perv for putting cherry Marmelade on top of a Doppelkeks for breakfast, so I’m cautious in this respect.)
    I do not have it in the house.

    Being down to the last seven of red would not have me spring into action, but a severe Silvaner shortage would need instant fence-mending !

  2. Roses

    I always follow his advice when it comes to food and flavour combinations. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar, toe curling good. Once I’d bought into that, I’d follow him round the supermarket without hesitation. That my backside hasn’t expanded to resemble Argentina is a miracle.

  3. tim

    I see the man who invented Nutella, Signor Ferraro, died the other day, at a good old age – not from a surfeit, I trust. Never tasted the stuff myself.
    My father always used to make the exquisite pancakes (the only thing he could cook) and I’ve never dared to try. Lemon juice and sugar, though, definitely.

  4. Thomasina

    I haven’t had any pancakes this year yet, because the small girls are at their grandmother’s for the half-term break, and I sort of overlooked the whole thing as a result. But I’m all set for a rerun on Sunday, when they come back, and oh, Nutella is going to the top of the list. Well, where ‘top’ = ‘straight after sugar and lemon’, because I am a traditionalist.

  5. Z Post author

    I’ve not got a hugely sweet tooth myself, but Nutella is truly addictive, I agree, Mago. It’s what fills Ferrero Rocher chocolates, pretty well, so you may have tasted it without realising it, Tim. Rose, I’m always willing to try out a recommendation – I’ll follow L’s advice any time! John, not a bad taste to lose, no one can pretend that sugar is healthy, though I think the current vilification is absurd. Certainly though, the more one eats the more one wants to eat it, so it’s just as well I’m not too bothered either. Thomasina, welcome and thank you for leaving a comment. Do I know you from somewhere or have you just dropped in? If you have a blog, do leave a link and I’ll come over to say hello. Yes, I agree about the sugar and lemon, it’s become a classic for good reason. In fact, Zerlina wanted pancakes again today and, whilst she had variously syrup, lemon and Nutella, I stuck to the tried and true sugar/lemon this time.


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