We all, except Al who was at work, had lunch together at the very good pub (with brewery attached) near Weeza’s house. Pugsley surprised me by eating all his lunch except the chips. He’s been very difficult to feed for a while – it’s not so much that he’s a fussy eater, though he’s never been keen on vegetables, but he often eats little or nothing. He’s by no means thin, so we don’t quite know how he gets his nourishment. However, his parents decided to be firm and insist on him eating at least some of every meal, a week or two ago and, although he was very reluctant and meals took a long time for a while, he’s now turned a corner and is a much better eater.

All three children were in high spirits but well-behaved, which was such a pleasure. We had a very good time. Wink and I spent the evening with Al and Dilly – Wink will be going home tomorrow morning but is planning on coming back the weekend after next to help in the arduous task of looking after me.

I have to confess, I’m quite looking forward to the prospect of having a bed to myself for a bit, and I’m sure he is too. We wake each other up frequently and neither of us is getting much rest. And after all, it’s not as if there will be any marital hanky-panky for ages.

Seville oranges are in the shops now, so it’s time to start making marmalade. Al is making his already. I’ve got some time on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, but actually I’ll probably leave it for a month or so when I’m getting back to normal. I made so much the year before last that I didn’t need to make any at all last year, but now we’re nearly out. Not that I eat it very often, much as I like it. I like the peel best and the Sage prefers the jelly. We’re well suited to each other in a Jack and Mrs Sprattish way.

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  1. Z

    I use Delia’s recipe, LOM! I’ve tried shortcuts (such as mincing the peel or slicing it in the food processor) but I prefer the old-fashioned way and slice the rinds by hand. If you would like a recipe let me know. BTW, when it’s ready, leave for some time before potting (like strawberry jam, but longer) or all the peel rises to the surface.

    Not that either of us eats much fat, HDWK, but you know what I mean!

    “Mm, I smell chips” said Pugsley as we entered the pub. But neither he nor his sister is bothered about eating them.

  2. Z

    Sweetheart, all the bantams are called Mummy, Auntie or Girlie. At present, they are all called Girlie as none of them has chicks.

  3. mago

    When I read “bantam” in the sidebar first I thought about the boxers, it’s the 54 kg class, until I realized that you surely do not run a gym there.


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