That is, semi-dry. I’ve decided to Cut Down in preparation for the operation. I shall limit myself to one glass of wine a day, apart from Saturday when we’re all going out for lunch to a pub with its own brewery, so I shall have a glass of beer as well.

It’s always a puzzle, knowing what to drink if one wishes to keep off the sauce. I mean, nothing else tastes right apart from beer and wine, because everything else is fruity or sweet – apart from water, of course. And I don’t understand why one would be able to drink a sugary-tasting drink with savoury food – well, or without it. Anyway, I’m going to try tomato juice before a meal and the single glass of good wine with it.

All the various electrical appliances that have been squirrelled away over the past few years have gone to the tip. I mean, the recycling centre. And so far I have removed two boxes of books – and saved another boxful – still, I’m tackling the bookcase in the cloakroom next. The thing is, I’ve got a whole lot of books that were my mother’s that need to find a home rather urgently – Al and Dilly hung on to them for a long time for me, but now need the space themselves. I just can’t fit in any more bookcases, and besides I really don’t have to feel obliged to keep every potboiler novel or out-of-date reference book, just because of a reverence and affection for printed paper.

I filled in forms from the hospital today – it’s all on for next Friday, unless I’m suddenly declared to be unfit for an operation on Wednesday, for which I can’t see any reason at present. And, of course, I’ll be able to say that I’ve more than halved my alcohol consumption in preparation.

I think I’m going to make a big pot of coffee now. What is there to drink when you don’t have alcohol?

19 comments on “Zaridity

  1. Four Dinners

    One??? One????

    Good grief!!!

    My deepest sympathies babe x

    Now I am inclined to bob about a bit and sometimes miss what’s going on…

    This is just a ‘run of the mill’ sort of op eh?

    Love n hugs and don’t worry!!!

    You’ll be fine!

    Trust me I’m from Oldham…

    Besides…You’re my pal therefore you will be fine.

    So there.

  2. Z

    Yes, just run of the mill and I’ve no health problems. I’m not anticipating trouble – but I bet I won’t be allowed to drink at all after the operation when I’ll be on some quite impressive drugs for a bit, so it’s not a bad idea to make some preparations.

    Any qualms I had have been completely quashed now. You’ve completely reassured me, lovely 4D.

  3. Z

    I grew up in a house which had its own well of pure water. No water has ever tasted so good since. But I do drink water plain rather than with flavourings added. It doesn’t enhance the enjoyment of food as wine does, though. Fine if I’m thirsty, but I don’t drink it for pleasure.

  4. Marion

    A very sweet iced tea is a standard with our meals. My husband occasionly will have a beer with a sandwich, but we never have wine. It’s just not a local custom.


    HAHA, you get used to drinking water, I haven’t been able to drink alcohol since the summer or fruit juice or anything fizzy, so that only leaves water.

    Yes It is boring!!

  6. Dave

    My GP said it is a good thing I don’t touch the demon drink – my liver might well have completely packed up when I had the hepatitis.

  7. Z

    My mother was unable to touch alcohol or fruit juice for years and hated sweet things, so her idea of a treat was fizzy water. It was pretty damn dull.

  8. Dave

    ‘I don’t understand why one would be able to drink a sugary-tasting drink with savoury food’ Sweet and sour. Well-known combination.

    I don’t drink Pepsi with sweet things (cake for instance) preferring the slightly bitter taste of tea with that.

  9. Z

    Happy New Year, WG – you’re the second person to say that today (the first was face to face). I’ll be over soon – just what I need on a chilly evening!

    In the kitchen now, Badge, there are Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Lapsang Souchong, Rose Pouchong, Earl Grey fumé, Darjeeling, Jasmine and Redbush teas, as well as an array of herb tisanes and builder’s tea (which I’m not fond of). I like tea. But I don’t drink it instead of wine. Ditto fruit juices, which I also like.

    I’m not convinced that there is any substitute for a proper drink. Still, I can cope with short rations for a week and water (plus juice, tea and coffee out of mealtimes) for another week. Then I’m going to celebrate a return to normality.

  10. Wendy

    Back from a short trip to France and catching up on blogs – hence being late in commenting here.

    I am off the sauce too – purely by choice as a means to my “2010 healthy living” plan – and I drink elderflower syrup in fizzy mineral water with supper…lunch I have plain water or nothing, if I can’t face another glass of H2O.

    I also miss the taste of wine but I don’t miss the light-headedness that alcohol brings – even 2 glasses makes me sleepy and headachy and dull. I like this alertness.

    Be thinking of you re the op later this week.


  11. Z

    I feel fine, but I did anyway. Wine doesn’t make me headachy or light-headed, or at least, I don’t drink enough to have that effect!

    Actually, it occurs to me that green tea might be a substitute because it’s bitter.


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