Z zzzzzzs

Well, now I see what happens when I take advice to rest, I’ll probably never do it again.  Once I started sleeping, I couldn’t stop.  I spent the whole of yesterday in bed, most of it asleep.

The house needs a good clean and I can’t face the thought of it, I’m going to phone an agency on Monday and hope to book a cleaner to sort it out.  Of course, it’ll still be a fair bit of work for me, because some tidying is required too (the Sage doesn’t do tidying, untidying is his speciality) but it’ll be no end of a help.

Elle and her friend Em are having their party in the bungalow tonight.  I’ve no idea how many are going to turn up, but it could be a fair foo, as we say in Norfolk.  I’ve hauled myself up to the attic to adjust the heating (the idiot who thought the place to put the boiler was the wrong side of a loft ladder is cursed regularly) and provided loo rolls, teabags, paper plates and disposable cups and I took them to the Co-op to do some shopping, though I didn’t quite feel up to going in with them.  I’ll toddle through in a few minutes and ask if there’s anything else I can do.

Oh, I weighed myself this morning.  I’ve lost – well, I’ve lost about four pounds since the last time I weighed myself, which was on 1st January, but when one takes into account the amount of January chocolate that was eaten, it’s probably nearer half a stone in the last few days.  Actually, I weigh exactly what I want to weigh.  That is, about half a stone more than I was comfortable with back in my youth, but I’ve reached the age when being too thin goes to the face.  Also, one needs resilience – just think, if I’d been an 8-stone weakling at the start of this, I’d hardly be able to stand up now.

9 comments on “Z zzzzzzs

  1. Blue Witch

    Once I started sleeping, I couldn’t stop. I spent the whole of yesterday in bed, most of it asleep.

    Erm, yes, exhaustion. Please do take care, and do slow down, and do reduce your responsibilities.

  2. martina

    Excellent idea hiring a cleaner! Oh dear, you really did, as they say here “wear yourself to frazzle”. Do slow down, rest is a good thing!

  3. Z

    Erm no, illness, BW. The reason I often can’t sleep (as I couldn’t last night) is nothing to do with my outside responsibilities. Do credit me with the sense to know what I’m talking about.

    I wouldn’t be surprised, Rog. I just met one lad heading off down the drive as I returned with the papers, so I turned round and gave him a lift.

    I’m sorry about the WV, AQ. I hate it too, but I was worn down by the spam.

  4. mig

    A long sleep is a very good thing. Getting the cleaners in is another. And isn’t it nice when you get a bonus weight loss after being ill. I always put it back on fairly quickly but it’s good while it lasts.


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