Z won’t worry

This popped up on Facebook the other day and I shared it.  I said that I didn’t feel like that any more, but I’ve certainly been in that situation and I am sympathetic for those who do.

Several people responded with recognition and self-identification.

I didn’t think of it, I don’t believe, until my forties and then it built up on me.  “Realistic pessimism” is the phrase, I think – it was safest.  I didn’t want to risk disappointment and it was easier and safer to stay in the middling ground.  I tried not to go too far down but I was afraid to go too far up.

And then, of course, bad things did happen.  And I won’t elaborate because this is not what I want to dwell on.

Now, I’m taking a different attitude.  I’m getting old and, for all I know, this might be the best day of the rest of my life.  So I’m not afraid to be happy any more.  I want to appreciate every moment and I might as well assume it’ll last forever.  I won’t be cautious about today for fear of tomorrow.

Actually, until a year or so ago, I was all sorted.  I was fully intending to be positive but to be quite self-contained, live alone and look after myself very well.  But then Tim happened.  And we didn’t want to be cautious any more after all.  And we all know what happened then.

Picture copywrite estate of Charles M. Schulz, of course.

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