Z Wins a Prize!!(!)

Really, I have, and it’s up there in marigold for all to see. Not having received any calendars for Christmas, I am most thrilled to have won this one, and many thanks to Dave (not you, Dave, Dave).

We did take our friend to lunch to the Yacht Club and looked out at the yacht basin. You can see it yourself if you look here – http://www.rnsyc.net/news.php – excuse me doing a proper linky but, just in case they check referrals, I think I’ll retain a hint of anonymity here. It’s worth copy’n’pasting though, as there’s a Live Webcam which updates every minute. I should warn you that at present there is little to see but twinkly mooring lights and a large edifice which is an oil rig site under construction, which will eventually be towed out to its destination, so it might be better to try again during daylight hours.

The temperature was zero all day and the forecast is more snow. However, I’m pleased to say that the pavements of Yagnub are impressively well gritted. It was a good thing I went in this morning to check prices, because sprout stalks, aubergines and cauliflowers had all come in from the wholesaler at more than yesterday’s retail price. Eileen was very busy all day and I should think she’s tired out tonight. The Sage was just locking up when an anxious man came up wanting potatoes, so he opened up the shop again and sold him some. Occasionally, local shops hold more appeal than supermarkets several miles away.

17 comments on “Z Wins a Prize!!(!)

  1. Four Dinners

    Use my local shop a lot! Nice peeps. Asian family. They’ll order owt you want if they haven’t got it.

    More imortantly…they also do me very nice vodka deals…;-)

    You can have a Cats Protection Calender if yer like?

  2. martina

    All I can offer is a calendar from our local pharmacy/chemists with photos of the mountains.
    Today’s word to cheer us all up
    PUSSYWILLOWS (or is that two words?) The market had fresh bunches of them so one had to come home with me. Spring is coming-slowly–but it is coming.

  3. Z

    I should go out looking for calendars so that I could offer swaps! Norfolk doesn’t have mountains, it has broads (which are man-made lakes, if you’re wondering). I love mountains, though.

    Just that the shop was shutting so he wouldn’t have potatoes for supper, Mago. A man can be very worried at the prospect of no spuds with his meal. Maybe he was planning to make a shepherd’s pie.

  4. Blue Witch

    Sorry to break this to you, but, you’re already currently Googling 2nd, just under the yacht club’s own site, by having put the text of the link into your post. You don’t need to make it a clickable link for bots to read it… I think your cover may be blown..

    And thank you for your efforts for my glasses. Sadly, to no avail. Yet.

  5. sablonneuse

    Congratulations on your prize. After starting the year without my usual cat calendar we now have one plus about three train ones and another with scenes of Paris. We just need a bit more wall space.
    I’m not surprised the price of fresh veg has risen. It can’t be fun hauling it out of the ground un this weather!

  6. Z

    Oh, Pat – it’s the way you tell ’em!

    I blew my anonymity years ago, BW, when I accidentally linked my own name to the blog. It was only the actual referral I wasn’t wanting to make – didn’t expect to make 2nd place though. Good job I’m not paranoid or anything.

    Everyone, please focus on BW finding her close work glasses. She really needs them.

    The ground is too frozen to use machinery on in some cases, Sandy. And there must have been frost damage, even in some things grown under cover. At least the wholesalers’ lorries can get through.

  7. Eddie 2-Sox

    Our local….errrm, how would you say…..Ocset….is looking very threadbare at the moment whereas the re-vamped Tennyson Avenue corner shop is still fully stocked.


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