Z wines. Not whines, obvs. Not your Z

I think I’ve mentioned our local vineyard to you, a few months ago.  The owners had started up a supporters’ club and, once I heard about that, I bought membership as a present for LT, though I confess I put it in our joint names.  One of the perks is a guided tour and winetasting, which we took advantage of today, bringing along a friend who was interested too.

We had such a good time.  H took us down to see the vines first of all, explaining how they developed an interest, how her husband B took a degree course in viticulture and oenology and then they moved to France to further his knowledge.  And then they fetched up in this village, not actually by chance as they’d identified a specific area with the right conditions, but they were fortunate in finding the right land with the right slope and the right soil, and with all the business opportunities here too.  They do guided tours for a few pounds, so if you want to know more I’ll be happy to pass on details.  It was really interesting – B took us round the vinery and the project they’ve taken on is stunning and pretty challenging, but we feel that they will make it a success.  English wine has come a long way in the last thirty years and B certainly knows what he is doing and, having tried the wines (we ended up with a tasting, but we’ve got some bottles at home too: fewer than we did have), we know that it’s good stuff.  And our friend signed up for the club, which was lovely of him.  They are planning to produce sparkling wine, but not for a couple of years, because the first batch is currently fermenting in the bottle.  It was all very interesting and a bit challenging for chemistry-clueless Z.

Starting with wine at 11 o’clock, it seemed not inappropriate to keep going – not all afternoon, obvs, what do you take us for?  And we had stuff to do anyway.  We had some of the pickled cucumber for lunch and seemed to manage about half the jar with ease, so I made a couple more jars.  I need to frisk the cucumber plants tomorrow, and pick everything else within a day or two.  The veg garden has suddenly taken off – not entirely literally, I should add… though I daresay you are ahead of me there.

And Ro and Dora, with young Rufus, are coming over tomorrow.  We haven’t seen them for a month, it’ll be a pleasure.

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