Z winds down, though I wasn’t that wound up to start with

I fetched Pugsley at lunchtime and took him back home until his parents got back, which was within a few minutes of each other, as it happens.  For some reason, we started talking about how chubby the children were as small children.  We all agreed, they were fat – but it was just baby fat, they all slimmed down as they grew past toddlerhood.  I mentioned the photo I posted of toddler Squiffany the other day, with her ankles rolling down over her shoes, but she’s a slender girl now.  Pugsley was quite possibly the one with the roundest face and anyone would have thought it would be his physique, but he now has razor-sharp cheekbones and his little brother’s face has slimmed down in the past few months too.  They never were fat, past babyhood, but they looked stocky.

My three were the same.  None of them overweight as children nor as adults, but well-padded as babies.  But Ro’s little boy and Weeza’s two have all been skinny, even as babies.  Zerlina is an object of wonder to us all – she’s nearly five foot tall and she isn’t ten yet.  Turn sideways and she pretty well vanishes.

Anyway.  Pugsley is still feeling sore inside, so it’s a good thing that it’s only a week to the Easter holidays and he can recuperate fully then.  In other respects, all is fine.  A friend of mine in the village wants to rehome three of her chickens, so I’ve offered to take them.  I’ll split the hen house in two (there’s a door between the two halves) while they get used to each other.  I’d had an elaborate idea for a coop until I realised it isn’t necessary.  And my friends who took my dog Benji are planning to bring him over on Friday.  I haven’t seen him for ages, it’ll be lovely.

Yes, it’s only Wednesday evening and I’m winding down for the weekend.  I’d curtailed my plans somewhat – Rose and I had planned to go out yesterday evening but we were both really tired, so I made kedgeree and we had supper together instead.  And I didn’t go to Nadfas, which I didn’t mind at all, to spend time with Pugsley instead.  So it’s been quiet.  I made yoghurt, but didn’t deal with the leek mountain nor make bread, as I’d planned.  Leeks tomorrow.  I suspect bread will wait a bit.

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