Z welcomes a Guest (part 2)

I had no doubt that I’d enjoy the day. It was to be only the third time I’d met our guest, but on the first occasion the waitress dropped the heavy hint of putting chairs on tables before we left the restaurant, and the second time of meeting, I outstayed the duration of a ‘cup of tea’ visit by some time.

It did all turn out to be a bit of a rush though. When I sent the invitation, I had a completely free day, but the whole week filled up – in fact, I received an invitation myself for lunch on Thursday.

Then the Sage had an appointment with the dentist on Wednesday too. I had to drive him, it was only kind.

So I decided on a simple menu which nevertheless included a proper pudding.

It was a pity I hadn’t had time to cut back the brambles that sneak their way through the gates at the end of the drive, nor clear away the grass growing through the drain in the tarmac.

My guest, as expected, was charm personified. Every time I’ve met a fellow blogger, I’ve found that we slip into an easy conversation. If we like each other enough to want to meet, we’ve already got the advantage of not needing to go through polite preliminary conversational skirmishes, as we’ve probably let enough be known about our personal lives – possibly more than we’ve told some close friends – to move into a comfortable conversation.

There’s still some of the pudding left. I suspect Ro will polish it off later, however.

A slightly early seasonal picture. Jesus doesn’t look at all like a potato. Though he’s being shy. You must click on the picture for him to appear.

13 comments on “Z welcomes a Guest (part 2)

  1. Z

    She has very startled eyes, Dave. I’ve a feeling that one of the shepherds was standing in for Joseph – maybe she was too polite to say anything.

  2. Dandelion

    a) the second time, was that the time he entertained you in the bedroom?
    b) who made those darlings?
    c) where is the holly and fir going up the stairs?
    d) what was the pudding?

  3. Dave

    Dandy: a) I trust he had a chaperone.
    b) J. M. Barrie.
    c) on the handrail, I expect.
    d) see comment two above yours.
    e) I think she had 9 months to get used to the idea.

  4. Caitlin

    I know there are lots of words and a picture too…but I got as far as ‘sticky toffee pudding’ and lost the rest.

    Oh except ‘J M Barrie’ very good Dave.

  5. Z

    D & D –
    a) Yes and yes
    b) The Years 3 & 4 children at the village school, couple of years ago. And very good.
    c) We have a little Victorian gallery at the back of the church, those are the stairs to it
    d) Sticky toffee pudding.
    e) I think it’s quite surprising the first time you give birth.

    I’m off to the church in a few minutes to do the final decorations.

  6. sablonneuse

    OOh what a busy life you lead. There was I feeling too overcome with not very much to spend time on the computer and then I find you’ve been ten times more active AND found time to write about it. (Slinks off in shame. . . . .)

  7. Z

    It’s good to schedule in a few social things too, purely for pleasure, as otherwise one just keeps working. And blogging comes in that category, as well as inviting a blog friend for lunch.


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