Z was never very observant

We’ve been talking about the past, though really it ended up about our blogs and what we’ve written in the past.  We’ve blogged for an awfully long time, I even longer than Tim, and I’m still friends with some of the even earlier bloggers, such as Blue Witch, Zoe, Anxious and Katy Newton et al; though BW is the only one of those mentioned who still blogs.  Of those who started about the same time as I did, very few stalwarts remain.  I know, we’ve had our day and it’s changed a lot, but I still seem to care about the old Razorblade.

I’ve been reminiscing about Hilda, my in-laws’ housekeeper, whose story I briefly told here. She was great, my children and I still remember her with a lot of love and humour.  Telling stories used to be quite a thing, in these parts.  Maybe it’s where I got it from.  Tim said that some of my better posts were those where I told the tale.  If only I’d taken more notice, I could tell more of them, perhaps.

4 comments on “Z was never very observant

  1. Blue Witch

    I often wonder what became of some of the early bloggers. Some I am still in e-touch with and a handful I see from time to time, but, not being of a FB persuasion, most of them are now just fond memories.

    1. Z Post author

      Oh yes, I agree. Some people just disappear and I’ve never known what happened, especially if I didn’t know their real names. Earthenwitch was a friend of mine on Facebook but then she vanished and I never knew why. Purple Pen and Greavsie stopped blogging and I don’t know who they really are. Troubled Diva and Stegbeetle are Facebook friends, at least – but there are so many more.


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