Z wakes up and is bewildered

What happened to the afternoon? Was it that second glass of wine? Was it the soporific effect of the lettuce? Or the rain at the window?

I slept. First, I slept for about twenty minutes. That is a nap. That is fine.

Then I slept again for a full hour. At the end, I had one of those vivid, pre-waking dreams – never mind what it was about, other people’s dreams are boring – but in it my eyesight was really blurred and I woke up and my sight was blurry and I was alarmed. Not very alarmed, not like the time I went to bed with my contact lenses in and one didn’t reappear all day, but I sat there recovering for a while. Tilly, who normally starts to remind me politely of her dinner in good time, just in case I forget to feed her, stayed, considerately, in her armchair, not wishing to bother me.

Anyway, the Sage is just off to the chippie as I can’t be bothered to cook. Fish and chips would just fit the spot tonight. I can’t remember the last time I had fish and chips. Mm.

I’m not a mushy peas girl though. I only tried them once and, hm, well, there wasn’t exactly anything to dislike, but I didn’t feel inclined to bother again. I don’t normally add vinegar, either – oh, by the way, Dilly adds vinegar to sprouts! It is a family tradition (well, some deck the halls with boughs of holly…). It tastes all right, but doesn’t exactly add to the experience. Sometimes ketchup, but the only place I actually find ketchup (tomato sauce, if you prefer) indispensable is on shepherd’s pie, which is not at all the same without it. Or I might make up some tartare sauce. I always have capers and mayo and stuff in the fridge. Yes. That’s what I’ll do.

He’ll be back in a few minutes. I’m quite hungry now. I didn’t have a cup of tea, either, this afternoon, as I was asleep. Maybe another glass of wine? Got to keep up that fluid intake.

13 comments on “Z wakes up and is bewildered

  1. Wendz

    Wine – of course – must be down the hatch by now, at any rate.

    And I ADORE mushy peas – properly made mind you – with vinegar too…hmmmm…yummy.

  2. Z

    Maybe I should make them myself? But in that case, I might as well cook dinner altogether.

    I’ll give ’em another go, sometime. I entirely trust your judgment, Wendz.

  3. PI

    Lovely pics below. I know it’s Sunday but is it the time on my computer? And will the Shamshank whatsit have recorded past midnight? What with the losing the hour and all. Too much for my brain to cope with!

  4. Z

    I hope the film recorded all right, Pat. the clock change is in the early hours – 3 o’clock I think – rather than midnight, so it should have been all right.

    Computers adjust automatically, and DVD players – all quite worrying really. We’re losing control.

  5. martin

    Surely champers with fish and chips ?. I am lucky I have a great chippie near me they do real “northern”mushy peas. They are wonderful, but not as good as the real thing that I had when I ventured to those far off lands. Dark satanic mills etc etc

  6. Z

    It’s those arrows of desire which flight all around, that can disconcert. You, too, convince me that it’s time to give mushy peas another chance.

    I was still too sleepy for the stimulating effects of champagne. I went to bed and was asleep, having altered the clock, by midnight. And stayed there for more than nine hours.

  7. Liz

    I had fish and chips for lunch yesterday. Yummy they were too. I’ve never actually tried mushy peas – they just look so awful I can’t bring myself to taste them.

    Does anyone still put curry sauce on their chips? That’s another taste experience I never saw the point of. I love curry, but I don’t want it slung all over my chips – it just looks so unappetising.

    Are you feeling awake yet Z? I wonder if there is some sort of sleeping sickness in East Anglia? Maybe it’s the weather. I went to bed at 23.15 GMT and crawled out of my pit around 10 am BST. That’s a long time in bed isn’t it – getting on for 10 hours if my maths is correct. It took a cooked breakfast, two chocolate chip cookies and two hours of house work to properly wake me up today.

  8. Z

    You can’t beat good fish and chips can you?

    I’ve never tried the curry sauce. Too awful to contemplate.

    I blew strenuously on my clarinet for quite a long time this morning, so I feel fairly wide-awake at the moment, but I’ve been potting up plants in the greenhouse since, which is very sunny and hot, so I think I’ll flag before long. I think it is the weather, I felt really energetic a couple of weeks ago when it was warm and sunny.


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