Z visits the dentist and buys shoes

I broke a tooth last week – not horribly, just chipped a substantial piece off when munching on raw carrot. Thanks to the holiday weekend, this was the first day my dentist had an appointment – they’d have fitted me in with another dentist if I’d asked, but I didn’t mind waiting as it didn’t feel as if it was all going to fall apart.

Afterwards, I thought I’d go and look for some clothes and shoes, but I couldn’t face the ci’ee cen’re (the glottal stop reached Yagnub some years ago) so toddled off to the shops at Riverside.

I seem to be quite sorted now, as far as shoes are concerned, for the summer. It was nice to be able to try on shoes with heels that weren’t limited strictly to 1 – 1 1/2 inches. So I’ve got both flat shoes and heels. Clothes, I wasn’t so lucky with, although I bought a pair of trousers. Most stuff was far too young for me or irredeemably dreary.

When I got home, I went to water the greenhouse, and found that the flageolet bean plants in the kitchen garden had been severely nibbled. The runner beans had received some attention too. We saw a very small rabbit in there last week. I told the Sage.

I’m afraid that the bunny has breathed his last; the Sage is a crack shot – although he prefers target shooting (1,000 yards is his favourite distance) and never shoots animals for sport. Still, a naughty rabbit at 10 yards was a straightforward target.

I feel guilty.

15 comments on “Z visits the dentist and buys shoes

  1. Z

    There are plenty of rabbits running all over my garden and the field if we fancy a tasty dish, Mago. And LOM, you’re rubbing it in! Sharing is fine, I’m good with sharing, but having the entire plant eaten is another matter. Stupid rabbit.

    Shooting slugs is quite possible as they provide a sitting target and you can’t see the alarmed expression on their faces as you bear down on them.

  2. Z

    The veggie patch has been rabbit-proofed, although some of the barriers are temporary. I must have left a chink when putting the gate-substitute barrier back one day. Unfortunately, once in it couldn’t get out again. And there is still an overgrown patch that I haven’t tackled yet, so it could hide out forever in that, so no chance of cornering and catching it.

    I’ll have to brave Norwich properly, Scarlet. I only had half an hour or so to spare, and driving in and queueing for the car park in and out takes that long from the ring road. I’m not sure what I wore last summer, but I’m a bit stuck for anything but the most casual clothes at the moment.

  3. Scarlet Blue

    Have a look through Woman and Home or Easy Living for some ideas.
    Thankfully ballet pumps are still in fashion… don’t tell anyone, but I’m not really a fan of wearing heels.. they give me vertigo.

  4. Roses

    Awww…poor wabbit.

    No not really. They are pesky critters, do so much damage with very little effort on their part.

    I keep looking and keep walking, I can’t find anything that I want to take home with me.

    Clothes-wise too.


  5. Z

    I’m rarely in a shopping mood, but I was yesterday. May not strike again for weeks.

    Oh, yes please, Mago. Though, depending on how long it will take, I may not do it tonight. Only 8.30 and I’m tired out!


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