Z visits Jasper

Ro and Dora went to another wedding this weekend – almost every weekend seems to have been a wedding or a stag or hen do, a lot of their friends are tying the knot at present.  Anyway, I spent last night at their house to take care of their cat.  I went over in the early evening, leaving Roses to give Eloise cat her late night supper and give all the animals their breakfasts.

I bought snacky things on the way over – humous, carrot sticks, cheese straws, bean salad, Parma ham, salami, fruit salad and cinnamon pastry.  Yes, it was rather a lot, but I brought home what I didn’t eat and there’s still meat, cheese straws and humous left.  I couldn’t eat it three meals in a row and cooked something else for dinner tonight.  Buying convenience food is more bother than cooking, I find, there’s usually too much.  But I didn’t want to have to work out how to use their stove when I was already hungry.  They were surprisingly good for supermarket convenience food, in fact, better than I’d expected.

I’ve a busier week than I expected to come.  Several things have cropped up over the weekend. Still, I mostly keep convincing myself that I’d rather be busy than bored.  The argument is starting to wear thin, though.


2 comments on “Z visits Jasper

  1. Tim

    Shamefully, I tend to eat rather too much supermarket convenience food. But if you’re carefully picky, some of it is indeed really nice.
    It’s certainly no cheaper than DIY, but in the way I organise my time, it’s certainly less bother.

  2. Roses

    There’s some convenience food I’d rather buy than make: lasagna and moussaka. Occasionally, a stir fry thingy.

    Now I’m not chasing the 9 to 5, I have the time to enjoy cooking again. It’s been good to get back to.

    Last night: Irish stew with pearl barley.


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