Z tries on clothes

I’ve been getting involved again.  Why, oh why? I should just keep out.  But finding solutions is so satisfying, if it helps people.  What I have learned over the years is not to go too far ahead without backup because that causes more potential problems.  So I’ve talked, written letters, consulted.  And, dammit, offered to help.  I know.  But only in a very limited way, I’ve kept a distance.

In other news … not much.  Miriam and Charlotte took us out to lunch – Miriam is leaving for Australia tomorrow, she won’t be home for some months at least, as she has a year’s visa and, if all goes well, she will emigrate there.  It’s been lovely having her stay next door and Ben will miss her very much, he loves both of them.  Miriam took her driving test last Thursday and passed, first time, clever girl.  It was a great relief, last thing she wanted was to have to take more lessons and take it in Australia in unfamiliar conditions.

Although I’ve written letters of a businessy sort, I haven’t done any other paperwork.  I took the whole weekend off.  I know I only returned from holiday a fortnight ago, but I still needed the break.


Miriam had various clothes she wasn’t going to take with her and offered to me. She is more slender than I am, and the best part of 40 years younger, but you know me, I’m always game. And h’mm – Charlotte and I agreed, lose three pounds before next summer.  It’s very youthful, but will be great if I go to the sort of climate where being cool and comfortable comes before being age-appropriate.  Or else wear a little jacket… there’s no room for underwear, anyway.

Early start tomorrow, a few school emails still to write.  We all spend Sunday evenings getting ready for Monday nowadays, don’t we?  It’s our only chance of a flying start to the week.



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  1. Z Post author

    Every time I want a boost to my vanity, I’ll certainly come to you, darlings. Thank you, but I’m not so sure I’d bear closer scrutiny, neither my upper arms nor my waistline!


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