Z tries not to be too happy yet, just in case…

I’m a cautious sort of Z, not given to counting chicks, but I’m allowing myself to feel optimistic that I will have my pianola soon, possibly before Christmas but before the end of the year anyway.  I spoke to the restorer this morning and he is trying to pin his helper down to a time to bring it.    Tomorrow, I’m going to go and look at the rolls and remind myself of what we have.  I’m afraid I’m going to inflict some of them on you, I won’t be able to resist.

Today, I went to the funeral of a friend’s mother – I was very fond of Edna, a delightful and very chatty lady who lived in Bungay.  She was a few weeks older than my mother and they married in the same year, but they never met.  She and her late husband first met at school when she was five and he was six and they were childhood sweethearts.  In their teens, he used to walk her home from school and then cycle the five miles home.  After the funeral I was chatting to the family and I was told about a cookery book, which I will pass on in case it’s useful to any of you – it’s about cooking for people with allergies and the writer explains the properties of various foods and suggests alternatives – there are some recipes but the idea is that, once you’ve got the idea, you can adapt others.  Although no one in the family has allergies to common foods, I do try to bear it in mind when I’m cooking for parties and always provide some food that is free from the most common culprits, such as gluten, eggs or dairy products – I haven’t bought it yet but I probably will, it sounds interesting as well as useful.

In the afternoon, I looked after Hadrian, now aged two and a half, because Dilly was teaching and it was a great pleasure.  Ben was thrilled and wanted to be as close to him as possible.  Since I’ll have Hay every Monday for the next few months, I was very pleased that he was happy to be here.  He didn’t even rush to his mother when she got back, though we could see he felt quite emotional and had to determinedly control his feelings – but he did so, and then we all ate cake.

3 comments on “Z tries not to be too happy yet, just in case…

  1. Blue Witch

    I hadn’t heard of that book. To be honest, having read the reviews in a couple of places, I think you are well beyond needing it, but I have just ordered it from the library and, as there are two copies sitting on the shelves around the county, it should be here by Monday, so I’ll let you know what I think.

    Fancy writing a Guide to Good Funerals with me? We both seem to have been to a lot this year and there is definitely a hole in the market…

  2. kipper

    I went to visit my elderly aunt at the nursing home today. Very sad, her son said she’d had a stroke and didn’t talk much. Well, she didn’t talk at all and the twinkle in her eyes was gone. The nicest part of the day was when the neighbor’s 4 year old little girl came running to me, gave a big hug and said she thought I was super. How did you entertain Hay when he visited?

  3. Z Post author

    Well, I rather thought that too, BW, which was why I didn’t order it at once. Although it would be useful to have ideas for egg substitutes and so on, and which alternative flour to use if someone can’t have wheat/gluten.
    The sort of things the undertaker doesn’t advise on? – oh yes, how are people to know unless they’ve been to a funeral where it could have gone better?

    I’m so sorry about your aunt, love, that must be so saddening. I hope there’s a change for the better.
    Hay was happy with Lego and a Humpty Dumpty toy, he didn’t need much entertaining. I’ll have to come up with things for next year when I have him regularly, I’m looking forward to it. We can do painting and cooking and all sorts of things.


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