Z throws a party for her 40th

It’s the only time I ever have decided to have a party for myself. I was looking forward to being 40. The 30s had been good and I was very happy, with lots of friends and a social life (gosh). I planned it all and invited lots of people and it was all very jolly. Weeza was working in Greece at the time and I spent half the evening on the phone trying to get through to her.

I decided on a present for the Sage to give me this time. He had made me a wonderful oak box, a scale model of a 17th century coffer, which sits on the mantlepiece Even Now. It’s all pegged together and the panels slot in and the only nails are ones he made for the hinges, also hand-made by him. To age the oak, he got hold of some pure ammonia (not self-made) and – this needed great care because of the fumes – the oak was put in a tin with the ammonia and it darkened it naturally. It was such a labour of love. I asked him, this time, to make me a music stand, having recently started to learn to play the clarinet. It’s made of walnut with a brass adjustable rod which, of course, he’d devised himself. Before taking up the auctioneering trade, he was an engineer and still has his lathe and stuff.

My clarinet, by the way, was my grandfather’s and is a Boosey and Hawkes Regent, made in the early 1950s, and so about as old as I am.

7 comments on “Z throws a party for her 40th

  1. lom

    I didn’t do anything for my 40th or my 18th come to that, mom envited some of her friends round for tea, I was with child and broke for my 21st so I didn’t get one then, maybe I’ll try for my 50th

  2. Sarah

    I hate birthdays, love parties, as long as someone else is hosting them.
    So didn’t celebrate my 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th or most recently my 50th…arggh did I just say that?
    Actualy a friend of mine has just come up with a novel idea..she’s celebrating her 50th this year with a party, despite the fact she will be 53! I might do that….

  3. Completely Alienne

    What lovely presents. We used to go out for birthdays, I chose Groombridge Place for my 40th. As soon as we got out the car Lenin (aged 4) threw up; she said she was fine but repeated it in the first field. We went home – jsut as well as it was coming out of both ends shortly afterwards. Great birthday! I ran away to Paris for the day for my 50th; I don’t think I will be celebrating the next 0.

  4. luckyzmom

    Sweet Sixteen was written in blue below the sixteen blazing candles that marred the surface of the professionsl looking cake, which was decorated by my Mom with white icing and yellow roses. The beautiful cake sat on the lace covered round table with clear plastic martini glasses filled with gingerale. Sharing the only birthday party I ever had were two of my school friends.

    As my birthday is in mid December, my husband surprised me with a cake on my 40th birthday at a Christmas party we were attending.


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