Z the punk

It was just after five o’clock this evening when the phone rang.  For once, we weren’t in the middle of a conversation, so I didn’t resent the phone ringing  –  I’m so grumpy, darlings.  I do like speaking to friends on the phone very much, but if we’re interrupted, I grumble on my way there, until I find it’s someone I  actually want to speak to.

It was the private hospital in Norwich – not beating about the bush, they’ve had a cancellation for a hip operation (on the NHS) on the 9th December and were offering it to me.  Rather than the 25th January which is the scheduled date, she said.

Reader, I took it.  I was a bit taken aback and actually asked for overnight to think about it, idiot that I am, but I phoned back two minutes later to say yes.  And sorry to vacillate, I was being really, really silly.   Except that I needed to have 10 seconds discussion with LT.

I feel lucky.

6 comments on “Z the punk

  1. Kipper

    WAs they say in some regions of this country. Get ‘er done. You will be in fine post op shape by Christmas. Did you purchase all of the Christmas presents yet?

  2. Z Post author

    I’ve hardly started Christmas shopping, but it’ll all get done by the time I’m in hospital! I’ve been rereading my posts from the last time, which is very useful to give me a timeframe of when I can expect to be able to do various things. After a fortnight, I was walking well with one stick and not limping, which augers well for Christmas!


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