Z talks to the police

I don’t know how to make header pictures smaller, that’s a startlingly large cockerel (I didn’t abbreviate, I don’t want to disappoint people looking for interesting photos through a search engine).  But I’m hoping to encourage the chickens.  Not that our chickens read this blog as far as I know, but I’ll tell them about it.

The chickens are moulting and we’re hardly getting any eggs.  Those which do lay are hiding their eggs so successfully that the Sage can’t find them.  The only ones whose eggs are available are the young pullets, a few months old who are coming into lay – the eggs are small but gladly received into the Z kitchen.

Ooh, I just saw a policeman outside, so went to investigate.  And I say, what jolly good service!  He and a colleague are going round the entire village to tell people that there have been some burglaries – we’d heard about them actually, it’s not major crime but a spate of sneak thieving, opportunistic stuff.  So the police are handing out letters with advice and having a word to advise locking up tools and so on.  We do, actually, all our outbuildings are kept locked with substantial padlocks because at one time the Sage’s parents had some trouble and they made everything secure and we’ve kept it that way.

Anyway, this extraordinarily young police officer – I swear he’s young enough to be my grandson – says that they’re doing extra patrols, day and night, and making every effort to catch the thieves.  Really, isn’t that awfully good of them?  I mean, obviously they should, but to come round and tell us about it too.  This is an area where there’s very low crime, so obviously they want to keep it that way.

14 comments on “Z talks to the police

  1. Blue Witch

    The police rouund here could learn a few lessons from yours… 7 burglaries in 3 weeks in our small village and its hamlets, and they’re still saying that it’s got nothing at all to do with the cuts in staffing. Roll on the new P&C Commissioner’s appointment by vote on 15th November.

    As for your overly large cock – I’d size the picture to the correct number of pixels wide before uploading it. Does he have a bad does of scaly leg? When mine (hens not personal) get like that I stick their legs in surgical spirit every day for a week. We too have a lot of feathers and not many eggs.

  2. Z

    I’ve no idea about his legs, not my province. Though I’ll peer at him closely in the morning. Still, he won’t let me pick him up.

    I don’t know how many pixels wide it should be either, unfortunately. I don’t suppose I’ll ever learn either. Maybe I’ll just stop putting up header pictures.

  3. Z

    As for overly large, can it be? Doesn’t size count for a lot, dear heart?

    I don’t know if there are cuts in staffing, but it’s good PR and a good idea to nip problems in the bud. I wonder if I’ve ever written about the time we had a burglar chez Z.

  4. Liz

    I haven’t seen any crime prevention officers in a while but I do remember them coming around when I lived at my flat and being suitably impressed with the monster double dead lock that my Dad had fitted to the front door.

    I think that the police do a good job with their limited resources. There is always a police presence in the town centre when I go shopping and yet most local people claim they never see a policeman.

  5. mig

    The cockerel might not like being cut down to size and he looks splendid as he is.
    Police, Doctors, officials of all kinds, I’m sure they were much older when I was younger!


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