Z takes the weekend off

I took the day off, mostly.  I did have one letter to write, which was to the members of my dining club (yes, I dine as well as lunch) giving them the dates of this year’s meetings, which start next month, and I’m up to page 16 (of 36) of a legal document relating to the school becoming an academy, but that was it.  I’ve read and relaxed, and went to visit John in hospital this afternoon.  He is doing really well and is coming home on Tuesday.  He can go up and down stairs and has good movement in his arm.  The reason for the walking problem, in case I didn’t explain before, is that his broken upper arm is the side he normally uses his stick, without which he can’t walk.  Using a stick in the other hand doesn’t give so much support.  However, he’s determined and receiving really good care, and a carer will come in night and morning to help him, which will support his wife too.

Weeza angled for a dinner invitation when she found out about the fillet steak.  Fortunately, I have enough for them too.  Then Al and Dilly asked us to look after Squiffany and Pugsley tomorrow evening, because they’re going to Dilly’s mum’s birthday party.  So I’ll suggest they come and eat with us too, so that they can play with Zerlina.  The fillet won’t stretch to them*, so I’ll go and buy something for the children in the morning.  Since everyone enjoyed the Queen of Puddings at Christmas, I’ll do that again.  We eat in the kitchen in the winter, usually, and the table won’t quite take all of us – it seats six comfortably, eight at a pinch but it won’t take nine so we’ll put another table on the end.  It’ll be fine.

I’ve just noticed that I was down to do the church flowers this weekend.  Whoops.  I’ll buy some in the Co-op and do them quickly in the morning.  Andy has volunteered to play the music, which is brilliant.  He’s getting on really well, but it has to be said that Gill is getting exhausted.  Not only is she looking after him, she’s getting ready to move house and she’s not had a break since mid-November when he first became ill.

A spot more relaxing with the papers before bedtime I think, darlings.  Goodnight.

*I have more in the freezer, I bought a whole fillet last week, so when a host of hungry blog-readers turn up, I’ll be able to feed you all

14 comments on “Z takes the weekend off

  1. Z

    I think the occasional 2.5oz steak will make a marginal difference to our cancer or kidney stone risk. Mind you, Dave, you know that pork is counted as a red meat, and smoked foods are also warned to be carcinogenic, so you shouldn’t really be eating sausages or pepperoni pizza either.

    Is downhill bike racing largely a test of nerves, AQ? I hope she did well.

    Red wine greatly appreciated, Roses

  2. Dave

    That is true, Z, and I rarely eat them at home. The dietician said that I could have a little red meat occasionally, so I generally don’t make a fuss when I’m out.

  3. Anonymous

    You prompted my saliva glands.
    Beef – mmmmm.

    Don’t care what the research states. I want red meat!

    Slinks away to fridge…….

  4. Z

    Gill is. We’re all worried about her, she’s looking so thin and tired. She says that just lifting the wheelchair into the boot of the car is getting harder every time.


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