Z takes control. Ish.

Yes, well, I’ve sort of taken control. The coffee morning is over and it went well – I explained about the missing half of the present and there’s another fortnight and a bit before the next deadline, so we’ll see how that goes. And I took along my computer (yes, it was vastly admired – a Mac knows how to show itself off [it has a brighter display than a PC, which is highly impressive]) and there was a small crowd, which changed so that everyone saw it, of people to see my pictures of Madrid, Segovia and the rest – I hadn’t actually planned on that or I’d have taken out the duff ones – and then they noticed the L’toft, so i showed them those (from the last sale) as well, which was Good Advertising. So I came through that all right.

I went home via Waitrose and bought, not only splendid biscuits for Tuesday, but also a couple of fine tarts, which – what the hell? – can form the basis for Tuesday’s puddings with strawberries and, if I get around to it, meringues and (less likely) crème brulée. I’ve an abundance of slightly overgrown asparagus, so it’ll probably be soup for a first course, although I’d like to do a risotto, but I’ve never tried the sort where you part cook it and then leave it for a while before finishing and I wouldn’t want to balls it up. I haven’t decided on the main course yet; it rather depends on Monday’s weather forecast. Actually, the fishmonger calls on a Monday morning – I wonder if he’ll have a salmon? That could work. Easy to cook in the bottom oven and can do for indoors or out. Anyway, it’ll be fine (do you know, if your right hand is slightly misplaced when you touchtype, fine turns into fube?). Having decided to cheat on puds, I had to buy lemons from Al for Proper Lemonade, because – well, you know, just because (several people will be driving, so will be circumspect with the wine).

The clarinet practise is doing well, except that the inside of my bottom lip is awfully sore. The accepted treatment is padding it with cigarette paper, but it still hurts after a few minutes; never mind. I’ve tomorrow to get through (when I’m discussing what to play with the bride and groom) and then I can pace myself for Saturday. I’ve admitted my complete unpreparedness to several people (not including my family … oh, hi, Wink and Weeza) and they assured me I’ll get through. Well, they had to, didn’t they? They are good friends and i trust them to be right.

Still having a difficulty eating. A proper breakfast – yes, dry toast and plain yoghurt is my normal breakfast, but lunch was 6 corncakes – like ricecakes but made, believe it or not, out of maize. Like squashed crisp salty popcorn. 22 calories each. Dinner I got put off, abruptly (look, I’m not criticising the Sage, but it was his fault), and so have not eaten much of, but one makes up with plenty of Chianti. Yes.

7 comments on “Z takes control. Ish.

  1. Z

    Oh dear, I’ve reread this and I sound hysterical. I’m not, but I can see why you might misjudge the situation. The good thing is that I’m cheerful.

  2. Dandelion

    I was thinking that. Maybe you should have some happy pills…

    Cigarette paper is awfully thin, I can’t imagine it would do much good, especially in a moist environment.

    Congrats on the “coffee morning”

  3. Z

    Ah no, I let it all out and then I can laugh at myself. And you, Dandelion, are being provocative.

    You can’t have anything that makes your mouth more bulky or it won’t feel right. People who play wind instruments have to be careful about their mouths – do you remember R0nn1e Sc0tt (of the eponymous jazz club)? He had to have major dental work done and afterwards couldn’t play his saxophone properly, which caused him great stress – he died of an accidental overdose of anti-depressants mixed with alcohol.

  4. Z

    That’s not the best hiding place, Dave, especially if you tell us where you are. You needn’t fear me though, I don’t hit. Fair comment, actually, I’m quite excitable at the best of times.


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