Z tackles an Organ

Considering I haven’t been near one since Christmas Eve, it went pretty well.  It was a help that I was able to choose the hymns, so at least I chose ones that I liked and could play.  In fact, fortuitously, one of them suited the sermon as if it had been chosen for it.

According to News for the Pews, there’s a churchwardens’ meeting tomorrow.  Oh.  This isn’t ideal, as I’m looking after Pugsley in the morning and have a governors’ meeting in the afternoon, but there we go.  It’ll be my last, anyway, and I missed the previous meeting because I was in hospital.  In fact, the minutes weren’t sent out, or if they were, they didn’t reach me or the other churchwarden in the village.  I’ve been promised them tomorrow morning.  I have sent out an email promising jellybabies and asking if Maltesers or Minstrels would be preferred – one vote for Maltesers, so far.  I just want to make quite sure I’ll be missed by being quite adorable…


One friend, who is due to have a new knee in a month’s time, was asking me about my experience of being awake during an operation.  I told him what fun it all was, but in case he thought it was my natural exuberance (I seem to be coughing a lot this evening, I wonder what that’s all about?), I’ve copied’n’pasted my description of the operation and sent it to him.  I really was quite sensible about it, and I trust he won’t be too bemused.  He did ask…  And I didn’t even mention the blog.  Some of my friends do know it exists, and two of them asked for its name so I told them (and how damn silly it sounds, said out loud) but most people tactfully don’t ask.

The Sage has just brought me a potful of coffee.  I have thanked him, of course, although I did mention that we seemed to have returned to unaccustomed normality with startling speed, since he showed no interest in cooking dinner this evening as he was far too involved with eBay, so I did it.  I cooked sausages with great care (fried slowly in a small quantity of bacon fat, Simon), with spinach, courgettes and yellow pepper and baked potatoes.  I gave Tilly her own portion of half a sausage and some potato, but I think she persuaded the Sage to give her something off his plate too.  Dear little dog.  She’s old and happy and she deserves to be pampered.

13 comments on “Z tackles an Organ

  1. mago

    Sweet adoration … nice to hear that you rocked the old organ, un-interrupted so to speak.
    Did you use a spoonful of sugar in the coffee?

    *humming Nun Danket Alle GOtt*

  2. Z

    No sugar, I received a kiss in its place.

    *With hearts and hands and (not many) voices*. A small congregation today. Still, an hour was plenty to sit on a very hard bench. I was glad when the service finished.

  3. Roses

    Last week I called into the butchers in Melton Constable and bought some Wild Boar and juniper sausages. They were awesome.

    Glad to hear you played the organ well. It’s like riding a bike, isn’t it? Won’t be long before you’re doing that too. 🙂

    Sorry, it’s a Monday morning and someone let the double entendres out. I’ll round ’em up and put them back in the corral after another smoke. Promise.

  4. Z

    No, I didn’t feel brave enough for pedals. I have to have practised to use them without leaving out a hand. Four limbs are a lot for me to co-ordinate.

    They were very good, Dave. We have three good butchers here who all make sausages. Supermarket ones aren’t nearly as good.

    Just a case of remembering what goes where and I’ll be back in the swing of things, Roses.

    Simon, you’re scaring me.

    My friends all think I’m quite peculiar already and telling them about blogging just reinforces that. I don’t see why, after all it’s quite a normal thing to do – I mean,look at us, no one could be more sensible and straightforward than we are. Heh.

    Simon is the chap whose sausage we are rating, Pat. Tilly has me exactly where she wants me nowadays – whatever she asks for, she gets, including lots of snack treats. I behave to her as I want to be treated when I’m older.

  5. Z

    Thoughts – yes, I have several, Anonymous and all of them are extremely rudely directed at you. Take your spam and go.


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