Z stops

Today, I went to the retirement celebration of a friend, who’s worked at the village school for the past 25 years.  It was just delightful – the children love her, she is fun, inspirational and immensely kind, and that came through in all that was said and done.  She has always been particularly interested in drama, song and dance and really brings out the best in everyone.

Several previous members of staff turned up too, which was a pleasure.  I caught up with news and was glad to see how well and happy everyone looks.  Afterwards, there was a meeting scheduled, so I had to stay to the end as I’m the secretary of that particular committee.  I’ve written up half the minutes this evening, but I’ll finish in the morning – I’m waiting for an extra item of information, so that I get the right wording … a fine excuse not to work all evening, hey.  But it isn’t normal to do that any more, so I wouldn’t anyway.  Not unless it was urgent, personal business.  I’ve been a dedicated volunteer for three decades and I’m almost entirely retired from it now and am very happy to be.  Not that I haven’t enjoyed and been enthused by it all, but I needed a break so badly that it’ll probably have to last the rest of my life.  I rather want freedom from responsibility, unless it’s personal. This is, I suspect, quite a relief to LT, who must sometimes wonder if I’ll be drawn in to local good causes again.

I remember when I was fourteen or fifteen, a boy friend (not quite a boyfriend) phoning to invite me to go to the cinema with him and I said I couldn’t that night, my parents had a charity do on and I’d be expected to hand round drinks and so on.  Looking back, I can’t quite believe it – of course they’d have understood and managed perfectly well without me.  But not fulfilling an obligation didn’t even occur to me.  Poor, stupid child.  I’m probably younger at heart now than I was then and i certainly have more sense, at last.

I didn’t even tell them,  It didn’t occur to me to play the martyr.  A trick missed there, certainly.


4 comments on “Z stops

  1. Karen

    I can understand the feeling…Your story about turning down the boyfriend because you felt obligated to help your parents reminded me of a lyric “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now” The Byrds I believe.

    1. Z Post author

      At least, many years later, I finally know better. And I’ve known for a long time that my role/job is not my identity. So yes, just what you say 🙂


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