Z starts the day well

My son Ro has just left for work, which is not unusual at all at this time. However, not only did he come in to the study for a minute’s chat first, but he also CAME ACROSS TO MY DESK AND GAVE ME A KISS!!(!) This happens very rarely and just shows the family bonding effect of helplessly giggling throughout dinner last night.

It slightly took me by surprise so I had to apologise for the marmalade kiss I gave him in return. He was, remarkably, completely unbothered by it, although I did read him Paddington Bear books as a child, so the idea of marmalade stains is not altogether foreign to him.

I will cook a special meal for tonight and serve champagne as that always cheers everyone up no end. There is a bottle in the fridge, there always is (for that’s the sort of Z I am).

10 comments on “Z starts the day well

  1. Z

    I had a sentimental moment there all right, didn’t I, Steg.

    It can be anything from the finest Champagne to the cheerfullest Cava but whether you need to celebrate, commiserate or wake yourself up, bubbles are the thing. Beer gives you backbone but champers makes you smile.

  2. Chairwoman of the bored

    I’ve been thinking about your vegetable patch (the Chairman and I were very keen gardeners) but can’t actually visualise it. Any chance of a plan?

    I too always have something bubbly in the fridge, you never know when it may be needed.

  3. Z

    I started drawing a plan on the computer, Chairwoman, but I found it easier on graph paper because I’m old and that’s the way my mind works. I’ll see what I can do, maybe I could scan it on. I’ve only drawn the new bit though, so give me a few days.


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