25 comments on “Z speaks

  1. Z

    Sorry darling, but you’ve met me so no great revelation in discovering that Z has a face and a voice. Hope you’re having a lovely day x

  2. Scarlet Blue

    I am also phone bound! I will get on the pc at 3pm and try to view then. A festive paper crown will be placed at a jaunty angle on my head, Pat Butcher earrings dangling from my lobes and I will raise a glass to my blogging chums. Alternatively, I may be beaches by 3.
    Oh, and I gave the gift of Apple this year, thanks to your advice…. seems. to have gone down well….
    Happy Christmas!

  3. Z

    Well, you didn’t miss a whole lot. 21 seconds of me grinning at you and murmuring in a friendly way, and then my finger approaching to turn off the iPad.

  4. Sir Bruin

    We missed the Queen’s speech, but that more than made up for it! Thought you could have begun, “The Sage and I”. All the best for what remains of the festive season to you all.

  5. Z

    You’re a sensible woman, BW. I won’t listen to it again, I was wriggling uncomfortably by the end. How does her Maj do it? No wonder I was as red as my jumper.

    I’ve never seen the Queen’s speech, mind you. Maybe I should have watched it and gained a few tips.

  6. Pat

    My comment won’t stick. I’m glad I didn’t miss your greeting – now I know what to expect should you come this way.
    All best wishes for 2012!

  7. allotmentqueen

    Is this to become an annual tradition? Glad to hear you’ve got a nice voice, I’m always worried that if I meet someone for real who I’ve only ever corresponded with that they’ll have a voice unlike what I imagined. Also a surprise to see you in red, somehow I think you only wear blue, like in your picture! Anyhow festive greetings to you, too.

  8. Z

    Well, a friend who spoke to me on the phone a few times before meeting me said that she had expected someone tall, blonde and elegant. A miss there, then.


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