Z speaks to Al

I need money. Cash, that is, right now, and more than I can get out of the cash machine on one day. I phoned Al and asked if he could let me have £700 if he hadn’t banked yesterday’s takings yet. “What, now?” he asked. “Well, this morning.” “Um, okay, I can do that.” I explained, briefly, “just so you don’t think I’m being blackmailed or something.” “Ve haff your husband and the ransom is £700?” “Hm, indeed, be a bit of an insult really, wouldn’t it?”

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  1. Mariana Soffer

    Interesting blog, I got here trough the ruela comment you left about words, which I did like a lot. If you have a short while take a look at my last entry, it is about language and blogs, you might like that.
    “So far from debasing the language, the rapid expansion of English on the web may be enriching the mother tongue. Like Latin, it has developed different forms that bear little relation to one another: a speaker of Hinglish (Hindi-English) would have little to say to a Chinglish speaker. But while the root of Latin took centuries to grow its linguistic branches, modern non-standard English is evolving at fabulous speed. The language of the internet itself, the cyberisms that were once the preserve of a few web boffins, has simultaneous expanded into a new argot of words and idioms: Ancient or Classic Geek has given way to Modern Geek.”


    By the way hope you solve your problems soon, they suck when they happen, but you have to bear with them, fight and do not give up.


  2. Z

    Well, Dave, I was afraid to say in case they sent the Sage to Davy Jones’ locker, but actually they said “ooh aargh me hearty, give us 700 pieces of eight by four bells or else we’ll tip your swashbuckling salt the black spot and hang him from the yardarm.” Fair shivered my timbers, it did.

    Thanks, Mariana, I’ll certainly come and visit. I love the extract you’ve left here, thought-provoking and interesting.

  3. Z

    It could be, although they didn’t say “ooh aargh, me old pal, me old beauty”, or “my eye” (moi oi) once. Not even “ooh noo, Daavid”. Though now I come to think of it, she did say “bye-eee” at the end, just like Jennifer.


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