Z smells a rat….

The courier finally got here after lunch.  When I mentioned that the item had been expected yesterday, he was surprised – he hadn’t had it until this morning.  He seemed perfectly genuine and I’m inclined to believe him over the company’s website.  But anyway, it’s here and hidden away until Gus’s parents are here on Sunday week.  They can wrap it and we’ll take it over on Christmas Eve.  Or I’ll wrap it if it’s more convenient (it’ll need a lot of paper or a big bag, it’s a new bike).

The other success was in the hen house.  All six traps were sprung and three contained dead rats.  I keep rubber gloves down there specially now, because I’m certainly not touching them.  I sprinkled extra food around last night and I think that has done the trick, they started eating and then put their heads in the traps.  Two of them were not that big, one was fully grown.  I don’t like killing them, but it’s all too much.  I’d be completely happy if the cats were killing them, because they’d eat them too and I have no problem with killing for food.  I do also set mousetraps if I have them in the house – which I only need to do in the attics now that we have Eloise cat.

Today, I’ve mostly caught up with admin, which included the final auction accounts.  I’d done everything that involved all the clients immediately after the sale but hadn’t investigated how much profit I’d actually made – obviously, I don’t count my time at all.  If I’m working for less than minimum wage, I’d rather not know.  I was cooking lunch on Sunday when I had a call from a potential client – it’s the way it is, people phone those who work from home at their convenience and one doesn’t mind, but I do think 1.15 on a Sunday is an odd time to make a phone call at all.  Fortunately, we didn’t have anyone over because it would have been just about the time when I was busiest, if cooking for friends and family – or worse, just sitting down to lunch.

It’s nearly 7 o’clock and LT has brought me a glass of wine.  Dinner is a goat cheese tartlet out of the freezer tonight, we’re taking it easy.  And I’ll bake a squash and cook some purple kale.  And, just possibly, have another glass of wine.


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