Z slides and is about to cast a die

It has been a very jolly day.  We received a phone call first thing, asking if we could look after the children as Dilly and Al needed to go out.  I was still in bed actually – I’m awake early but up late, thanks to my phone and, as far as last night and today is concerned, to the new levels of iAssociate.  Still so addictive.

The Sage went next door and babysat until I had put all sorts of stuff on my face – I considered counting the different products but thought that way led to humiliation, considering that the aim is to look fairly untouched at the end, except by time which is inevitable.  Then I went and suggested that we go and frolic in the snow.  Squiffany perked up and went straight to get her boots and gloves, while Pugsley did the “Noooooooo” of despair.  He’s not the most outdoor of children.  So he came here with Grandpa, whilst Squiff and I had a lovely time.  We threw snow at each other – not really snowballs as the stuff was just too powdery.  Then we trotted across the Ups and Downs to look at the dip, and decided that there was not enough snow for a toboggan but that there might be for a bag or tray.  So we came back, found the waterproof cover that had been used when Tilly was not quite reliable on the sofa any more and took that.  I was cautious, but still quite abandoned (story of a good life, darlings) and slid down turn by turn with Squiffany.  I don’t care how much I ache tomorrow.  Having spent several years being achy and necessarily careful, I don’t want to miss out on anything silly and fun that I can possibly enjoy.

We came back and played board games and then had lunch, and then we went out again, leaving Pugsley playing quite happily with Lego – he knew where we were, within calling distance.  Squiffany says that, when the baby is born (she and P both rather hope for a sister but we don’t know yet) that there will be a Gang, of the three of them, Zerlina … and ME!  She will casually say to her mother that they will take the baby out for a while, it’ll be all right because Granny will be there, and then we’ll go to secret places and have fun.  Can you imagine how pleased and flattered I am?  Can you?  No, try.  Yes, that’s more like it.

As for casting the die, we’ve received our invitation to the New Year Walk in Denton, hosted by good friends – last year, of course, I was within three weeks of receiving my hip and (interesting, I don’t care about my clapped-out old one, it’s the new one that’s part of me, poor old lost bone) stayed at the house to stir soup rather than walk.  We’ll accept of course, but I’ve said to the Sage that, if all right with him, I’ll say to them, put the word out that we are looking for a pup.  Chester came from Denton and there’s a fine neighbourhood network there.  They are well placed to hear of a bitch that has gone a bit wayward and is expecting mongrel puppies.

In further news, I have a Christmas present for the Sage.  I am rather thrilled to find that I am spending nearly four times on him what he is on me.  I adore a demanding husband.  Makes me rise to the occasion.  Although I think, damn, I should have demanded an iPad right back.  He has chosen a cracked mug, dated 1795.  It isn’t even Lowestoft, never mind any other recognised factory.  A connoisseur’s piece, darlings, indeed.

And finally, I have received by bill from the Inland Revenue.  Sigh.  There’s a weird thing, if you’re self-employed, that they demand a payment on account for the next year, based on this year’s amount owed.  So this year I’ll pay twice as much, but next year I’ll owe very little so it won’t trigger the extra demand, until the next year – well, that seems to be how it works.  I expected it, so have the money.  Damn them.

Oh, finally finally, the reason Dilly and Al were out was to meet prospective tenants for D’s Norwich house. All is well and they will move in in a fortnight.  So that’s good.

17 comments on “Z slides and is about to cast a die

  1. The Dotterel

    I can give the iPad a good home… after all, an iPad is for life, not just for Christmas. Oh hang on, I think I misread that bit. A cracked mug you say? I’ve got several of those!

  2. Z

    It’s a lot worse in Norwich than here, or even with you I expect, Dave. I shall worry until I know you’re home again safely.

    Yes, I think of a cracked mug as inevitable rather than necessary. I think there will have to be more free wifi around here before an iPad moves to ‘must have’ status.

  3. Dave

    I’m home safely. The worse bit was the ice-rink which is my estate, after that it was plain sailing. Well, until I reached the church car park in Sprowston, which was also a sheet of ice.

  4. Blue Witch

    If your income tin the last tax year was exceptional, you don’t need to pay the same amount on account for next year. A simple phone call to the IR will suffice to keep your money in your bank account for as long as possible 🙂

  5. Z

    I’ve appreciated this year so much, Roses, I didn’t know how much I was struggling last year until I wasn’t any more.

    Dave, love, thanks. You knew I meant that. The road outside our gate is still treacherous, especially the corner by the church.

  6. Z

    No, BW, it wasn’t – the difference is that I’ve finally come to the end of a huge tax-deductible expenditure some years ago, plus now Weeza isn’t living in the London flat, I’m letting it at a good rate. I hope that the amount will be pretty stable from now on.

  7. Z

    They are brilliant, Mago, thank you. I showed them to the Sage. He’s still talking about the picture of the park bench in St James’. I love that they are real snowmen that enthusiastic people with a sense of humour made, not too professional-looking!

  8. sablonneuse

    You would love our garden at the moment – knee deep in virgin white snow. I had the urge (just for a split second) to roll in it when I went to feed the chickens but the thought of not being able to get upright again stopped me.

  9. luckyzmom

    We woke to 5 inches of snow Friday. The next day it disappeared as if by magic. Right now I am listening to rain falling gently on the skylight above my head. Very comforting.

  10. Z

    I know, Sandy, I was talking to a friend with dodgy knees yesterday and we agreed that it’s the getting up that’s the worry. She has to have something sturdy to haul herself up by, as I used to.

    Incredibly cold last night, LZM, in one place in mid-Norfolk the temperature was 1º Fahrenheit. That’s something like -17ºC. Not here, but only 40 miles away.

  11. Eddie 2-Sox

    You have the best approach to your grandchildren Z, long may you behave as if you’re the same age! I would be perfectly happy to foist Sam upon you some time, I am sure you would both enjoy it as much as the other.

    You totally rock, Granny!


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