Z slept

In fact, I spent a couple of hours drifting in and out of sleep. I read for a bit, slept, woke, listened to the music I’d left on, slept again and finally surfaced properly a few minutes before 4 o’clock. I have no idea why I was so tired.

A couple of nights ago, there was a meeting at my house. It’s an offshoot of the PCC (which is the committee that runs the church) and its purpose is to get things done. In the PCC meetings, held every couple of months, things get talked about but it’s not unusual for a decision to be held over and this can take months while research is done, reports are made or sometimes forgotten – you can imagine the frustration for more decisive people. So, a few of us thought an Action Group, not a committee, would be useful – anyone would be welcome, it would be quite fluid, those who were interested in a particular subject – such as, some of our fabrics are getting perished because of 100 years of exposure to light and need to be replaced and the originals conserved, we need some more tables and chairs, what can we do about draughts?, how shall a legacy be spent? – can come to a meeting or do the research and put in a report. Apart from the Rector starting by saying that people with axes to grind should not be starting up a power base *sigh and explain carefully* (she’s lovely but worries) it went well for a bit, but then didn’t make any progress as Christmas approached because we were all busy. So, as we got near March, I sent out emails with suggested dates and a consensus was reached.

One person turned up.

Several sent apologies, several didn’t, but there were only two of us. Still, it was nice to see him, we went solemnly through all the matters to discuss and we have a report for the PCC.

Since, I’ve sent out notes from the meeting with a choice of 13 evenings I can manage between Easter and the next PCC meeting in late May. I’ve had replies to say the notes have been received, but no one has mentioned any dates. I’m not sure that, in practice, people want to be consulted. I suspect that really they want *someone else* to do the work and just tell them in time for them to raise objections.

But if a couple of us just do that, will be be told we’re setting up a ‘power base’? And does it matter? Not to me, frankly, I have neither ego nor prestige set into this and I’ll equally happily do the work or let it go. I’d rather people say simply if they haven’t time to take it on and what they’d like to happen instead.

One more year. Then I won’t be churchwarden any more and it’ll be someone else’s responsibility. I don’t think anyone knows how much I look forward to handing it on.

4 comments on “Z slept

  1. Blue Witch

    Our Nice Ladies group now have an extra box when suggesting dates to people for things: “Interested but not able to attend.”

    It’s saved an awful lot of time-wasting, and people saying they’ll turn up and then not coming at the last minute (often without sending apologies)((and these are often the people that have led to meetings being held at times that were less suitable for the core people anyway)).

    It’s also allowed me to say, on more than one occasion, “If you couldn’t be bothered to find the time to attend and contribute to the meetings about this, stop criticising and being obstructive of the work that some of us *have* given up the time to do!”

    But, I’m nowhere near as nice, or tolerant, as you 🙂

  2. Z

    It’s true, people think it’s a lovely idea when you’re arranging it but then it seems too much bother when the day arrives. I no longer expect people to turn up so it’s a nice surprise if they do.

    Many people become less tolerant as they get older. The happier ones become more so.


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