Z skips

I couldn’t take the pressure any more. I’ve “marked all read” – over 500 posts that I shall never read. Sorry, really I am, but as I kept trying to keep up with them, more came in. So many excellent blogs, you either have to delete one every time you find a new one or accept that you can’t take too many days off from reading them. I hope you didn’t write any of the deleted posts, I didn’t check whose they were.

Not that I’m anything but relaxed and cheerful, I just want to keep that way. We’re promised snow here – friends South of here say that it’s arrived with them, but we’ll see if we receive more than a sprinkling. I do appreciate a good snow, but it’s a little inconvenient. We have a long drive, with a bank and a hedge on one side, and usually the snow all gathers on the drive in a big, 100-yard-long drift. Many’s the time we’ve had to dig ourselves out. One year, there was a snowfall with a strong wind attached. All the snow in the village congregated in our drive. Friends walking past on the barely-whitened road stopped and had to hold each other up, they were laughing so hard at the sight of us with our shovels when everywhere else was clear. Chester (my late and still much-lamented dog) adored snow and used to dig tunnels through it. He ended up with clods of it, frozen hard, on his leg “feathers” and between his pads. If I didn’t clear it quickly, he melted into the carpet and left puddles on the floors.

Which reminds me. Tilly disgraced herself yesterday. I went to sit on the sofa after dinner to make more holly wreaths and something was wrong. I felt cold and clammy. At some point in the day, Tilly had been caught short and had not bothered to make a bolt for the door, as they say, and had Done It Right There. Fortunately, there was both a throw and a rug which had caught most of it (there for frequent washing, as the covers are so old that they can’t be washed too many more times without disintegrating entirely). There’s no excuse for her. She hadn’t been left alone for long at any time, she doesn’t normally have problems of continence and in any case, if an accident had been inevitable, I’d rather it had been on the floor, frankly. At least then I wouldn’t have sat on it.

I’m sitting looking at a pile of ordered stuff that’s been turning up over the last couple of weeks, that I haven’t got around to opening. It always seems a trial, this bit, checking it all against the orders, making sure it’s all there, then being responsible for ensuring I don’t forget where I’ve put it between now and Christmas. Yes, I know it has to be done. Of course it will be. Any time today. Well, not between quarter to two and half past five.

I’ve got a bit of spare time now, haven’t I?

Ah, saved by the incoming email.

Oh. It seems that a meeting I’ve committed myself to is on 19th March. In Bury St Edmunds, which is nearly an hour’s drive from here. This is fine, except I don’t know if I’ll be driving on 19th March.

Do you know, I don’t believe I’m going to think about it for a while yet. I shall prioritise.

Right. Still only quarter past one. I shall open parcels.

Ooh, update at 20 to 2. How interesting. I’m not at all sure whom I’ve ordered some of those for. I really should have made a note. And I managed to order two copies of the same book in one parcel.

Still, at least I know I have something for everyone now, even if some of the family are going to be more surprised than they expected.

17 comments on “Z skips

  1. zIggI

    I did all my shopping online and also have a number of things I can’t imagine for whom I bought them! I also can’t imagine who would actually want them… the joys of presciption opiates and that’s my excuse!

  2. Dave

    As you will imagine, I kept a detailed list of my Amazon orders, ticking each item off as it arrived, for I was buying both for me and my mother.

    All ticked, wrapped and delivered a week or so ago.

  3. Sarah

    I do all my shopping online, but due to unforeseen circumstances left it way to late, and now they will be new year’s presents. I wish I was more like Dave….well, without the beard.

  4. Z

    I mostly used wishlists, Ziggi, so people do think they know what to expect, at least. You had an excuse not to go shopping, at any rate.

    Fine idea, Dave. A plan for summer 2011. It’ll have to be big enough for the gas tanker to get through though.
    Imagination boggles, but is not at all surprised.

    I did indeed read yours, 4D. Soon after, I was overwhelmed.

    My family all love Christmas, Mago, and they’ll get me presents whether I buy any from them or not. Well, my daughter and daughter-in-law will, anyway. Ro bought his own present and I’ll give him the cash and Al wants a beekeeper’s blowtorch but hasn’t had time to buy one, so I’ll give him the money when he gets it.

    I do it all online or in the local shops, SB and Sarah. I’m afraid I gave up on Norwich shops years ago. I think new year’s presents are fine. After all, even Jesus didn’t get his pressies until Epiphany.

    A beard wouldn’t suit me either.

  5. luckyzmom

    We’ve had mountains of snow since Saturday. Our driveway faces North and stays frozen long after we have enviously watched it melt from our neighbors driveway across the street.

  6. lom

    I love the snow, I just want it to wait a few more days, a white christmas would be lovely. Poor Tilly, perhapes she has a cold in her tummy

  7. Z

    More than happy to have snow. Electricity as well would be good. In fact, the snow here is more like four cm than four inches. Not really enough to frolic in. Had to fish out batteries for the radio, can’t have a hot drink unless I boil water in a saucepan which is nasty, what pampered life I lead.

    I think Tilly is fine, just couldn’t be bothered to move.

  8. Z

    Ooh, thought that you were going to offer me a cup of tea for a minute there. It’s all right thank you, they kindly made me one at school. And I made soup for lunch.

  9. sablonneuse

    Busy as always, Z, so it’s no wonder you don’t have time to read every last blog. When life gets hectic, I certainly can’t read my favourites every day.
    Hope you’ll have time to relax over the festive season!

  10. Z

    I usually take a while to wind down every evening and catch up then, as well as reading the papers etc – but there’s also a daily post I try to keep up with. The discipline of it all. Maybe I haven’t quite enough to do in real life?


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