Z sits still

It’s been a tricky couple of weeks with a lot of deadlines to meet and some matters I must not get wrong.  And I’ve got through them all successfully.  It’s such a relief.  I was leaving a committee meeting at about quarter past six this evening and said I’d go home and send out the letters to the applicants we wish to interview, and then Mary and I started to talk about the information pack to go out next week.  Quite soon, I stopped her.  “Are you all right?” she asked.  I said that I needed to get today’s job done first before I looked to next week.

And then I came home and did it and prepared dinner (a beef casserole I’d cooked a couple of days ago, hurrah) and I’m waiting to see if I unwind.  Hasn’t happened yet, but maybe soon.  Strong black coffee should do it.

I mentioned Dutch dollshouses the other day, and here’s a picture of one.

Dollshouse, Haarlem150

7 comments on “Z sits still

  1. Mike Horner

    That’s an absolute beauty of a doll’s house! There are one or two good early one’s at the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood, Ann tells me; and I know of a very good one at West Dean College in Sussex.

  2. sarah

    ” I said that I needed to get today’s job done first before I looked to next week”
    – I nodded in agreement as I read the above sentence. I have a similar problem at the moment and have a rather large work to-do list. I have to break it down into chunks of a week at a time and not look ahead to what else needs doing, otherwise I panic.

  3. Liz

    Wow – I’d say that was more dolls palace than dolls house.

    I hope you get all your jobs done without collapsing under the strain.

  4. Z Post author

    It was one of the most impressive of several. And the ship models in the Rijksmuseum were fantastic too.

    Sarah, that was exactly it, I had the week’s work within my grasp and I nearly cried at the thought of looking ahead to next week yet. I’ll do it, but not quite yet.

    I took the afternoon and evening off, I take looking after myself as a necessity.

  5. nick

    I agree, in that sort of situation with a mountainous to-do list, the best thing is to take it all one step at a time, one day at a time, or total panic sets in.

    That dolls house is quite something. I looked at the enlarged version and Liz is right, it’s more of a dolls palace. The sumptuous detail is amazing.

  6. Z Post author

    They had craftsmen make everything, from the furniture to the ornaments, In some instances, the ‘Delftware’ was actually painted glass. Astonishing workmanship and all in wonderful condition.

    Prioritising is the key, there are times when it’s better to work to each deadline in turn.


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