Z sits back and watches television

I’ve finally realised why Ben is very like, but also very unlike Chester to look at.  He’s like Chester in middle age, ten or so, not as he was as a young dog.  Chester was very skinny and whippy, it was the setter in him, and he was darker too when he was young.  Ben is much chunkier, though he’s little more than a pup.

The Sage got up to use the loo at 6.30, which woke Ben and he barked to go out.  So I – yes, darlings, the Sage was ruthless about it – got up and walked into town rather earlier than expected.  It’s not very far, not quite a mile and a half.

News about Ben’s owners – Gill is finding it much easier to get about the bungalow using Andy’s wheelchair and not trying to hop around with a walking frame.  Andy isn’t too well, having developed an infection.  His health is precarious and Gill asked the nurse to contact his consultant rather than just give antibiotics, which might not be appropriate.  When she said the full name of his specific condition – a three-word phrase which I’ve forgotten – it was clear that the nurse wasn’t familiar with it (not surprising, it’s very rare) and was taking the situation seriously.

I’ve not done a stroke of work the last week.  I’ll be sorry any day when it all catches up with me, but right now I’m feeling very okay about it.

11 comments on “Z sits back and watches television

  1. Z

    Not getting much sleep, mind you. He had me up at 4 o’clock and I finally fell asleep a little while before he barked again. The Sage cleverly manages not to hear any of it, though he isn’t a bit deaf!

  2. Z

    H’m. Yesterday, when I was up at 6.30, he said that if I got up early then, he’d do it next time. But if he manages to stay asleep, it’s not his fault if I have to get up every time, is it ;/

  3. Pat

    Ben has nice face and a silky coat
    which is what our last dog had. I hope he has his wicked sense of humour also which gave us many a chuckle

  4. mig

    Young dogs keep such uncivilised hours. On the other hand they make up for it by being grateful and looking beautiful – well Ben looks beautiful anyway.

  5. Ros

    He’s your boy now, Z dear.

    It’s a bit of a culture shock when the new furry family member is young, lively, and overflowing with joi de vivre whrn one had grown accustomed to gentle, intuitive and all the time in the world, but after 9 months I’m finally used to it.

  6. Z

    I got him a massive marrow bone from the butchers, so he’s very happy right now.

    Well named, you see, Mike.

    Rog, I’ve still got ‘skyfall, apple crumble’ in my head, I am not happy.

    Better to come down and let him out than there be an accident – it wasn’t anyone’s fault that I was awake for several hours before I went to sleep last night. Well, this morning.

    I can’t get too attached, Ros, he’s Andy’s dog and very much loved. But yes, it’s quite a change – and I knew it would be, which is the reason it’s only now that I can contemplate having another dog. I wasn’t up to it before.


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