Z sets to stuffing mushrooms

I have been making plans – the Sage is a great one for plans which take years to be put into action, but mine are more purposeful.  The first thing to do is to make the leaky bit of roof watertight, but after that I am getting a new gate/gatepost/fence to the Ups and Downs, because I am going to finish the flower bed by the Wall.  I had a load of manure delivered by that last small area, but that’s nearly been cleared now.  I can’t do that until I’ve replaced the fencing and that has to be attached to the gatepost and that to the gate – it’s all long overdue.

After that, we have two cherry trees and a broom that have died mysteriously, and they have to be taken out.  This is an ideal opportunity to put in the old lamp standard that we bought a couple of years ago.  It’ll be just like Narnia*.

After that, I’m going to do away with a smallish round flower bed that has never been any good because a seam of gravel runs through it, so it dries out in no time.  A potentilla and a hebe hold on to life, but I shall dig them up, taking cuttings first in case they don’t survive.  It’ll be a nice place to put a table and some chairs, to enjoy the evening sun.

After that, the pond needs clearing out and re-lining.

Then, it might be time to turn my attention to the summer house.  But that might have to wait until next year.

Oh, and I’ve rebooked my motorbike test, that I had to abandon six weeks ago, when the Sage got a last-minute appointment at the hospital.  I’ve not felt able to make plans since, it’s all been too distracting.  But now, I feel compelled to get on with things.  Life’s too short to wait for the right moment.  Wisely, Russell completely agrees with me.  Heh.

*only in respect of the lamp.  I don’t expect eternal winter, let alone a dodgy Queen with poisoned Turkish Delight, let alone talking animals.  And I don’t have a fur coat.

5 comments on “Z sets to stuffing mushrooms

  1. IndigoRoth

    Hey Z! Good grief, you’re so damned BUSY! Don’t do it all at once, please? As for Narnia, I have a lion in the spare room if you’d like to borrow him? Indigo x

  2. sablonneuse

    Yikes! Slow down, you’re making me feel very lazy.
    Regarding your ‘lost’ trees, I was amazed to find most of the trees that were planted in our ‘orchard’ when we first came here keeled over because the roots had been eaten away by ‘mulots’. That translates as dormouse and I had thought they were sweet little creatures until one bit me. I wonder if you have animals that like eating roots in your garden?

  3. Liz

    Life, as Shirley Conran observed, is too short to stuff a mushroom. I’m not sure I agree actually, I rather like a stuffed mushroom but I probably have more free time than you by the sounds of it.

    It’s nice to have plans, as longs they are achievable. My husband’s current plans are mainly for booking our next holiday seeing as it is only 3 days since we last had one.

  4. Z Post author

    Roof tomorrow, gate later this week, I hope. Trees when Man with JCB has time. I’ve got time in August, never any other time of the year, so it’s best to fit in what I can.

    We’ve got some sort of rot in the soil – some years ago, a couple of shrubs and a rose bush died, then the creeper on that side of the house. The roots were wet and dead. I suspect that’s still in the soil and has moved over – luckily, there’s then drive all around and I hope it’ll fade out before it gets any further.

    I’m all in favour of stuffing mushrooms. One of the things I’ve missed, while Russell has been unable to eat much, has been taking care over cooking. I made kedgeree a week or two ago, just for me, and it was very soothing to cook slowly, tasting as I went.

    I’ll add you to the list, John 🙂


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