Z searches for Big Pinkie

Things would have been simpler if Big Pinkie hadn’t got out this morning. A neighbour phoned to tell us, but the Sage was quite sure it was a cow from another field, not ours. I’d just gone upstairs to wash my hair – I’d actually got the tap running when he called up the stairs and so went to help get her back. She is very friendly and will follow you anywhere for an apple or two, so it wasn’t too hard.

Everyone was very sociable and chatty and the weather was glorious, so we were able to have lunch outside. Afterwards, almost everyone went for a ride in the car, the Sage driving each of us in turn round the village. The car behaved beautifully.

I knew I would cook too much food. Despite the valiant efforts of Ro, who took several containersful, there’s enough left for several meals. No puddings though. There was a little left after the meal, but it all vanished at some point except for a small quantity of cheesecake, which the Sage and Daphne, his childhood friend who is staying with us, polished off tonight.

I must go to bed. Oh, hang on – Mike, our friends whom you stayed with at the farm down the road were among the party guests. I told Bobbie the name of the blog. So she might call in at some time.

10 comments on “Z searches for Big Pinkie

  1. Roses

    The food was delicious. The company brilliant and you looked fantastic (cow interrupting your ablutions or not).

    It was lovely finally meeting all your children (and grands and bump).

  2. Mike and Ann

    Thank you Zoe, that was kind. It would be lovely to stay in touch with them. The other thing we had in common was that Bobbie’s father was a great clock collector.

  3. Z

    I did go back and wash my hair afterwards. Roses. The Sage suggested that she was jealous, but later came in and said that he had concluded that she was feeling lovelorn. Not that she made improper advances to him, mind you.

    Next time you come, Mike, I’ll invite Bobbie and Simon too.

    We enjoyed the party too, it was good that the weather was fine and we were all able to sit together outside. Thank you for coming, Roses, it was lovely to see you. I was tired last night, the last guests didn’t go until 5.30 and after clearing up I’d have been in bed by 8 if we hadn’t had Daphne staying – as it is, I went to bed at the usual time and slept soundly. Fine now. Babysitting Zerlina this afternoon.

  4. Tim

    Does the cow not moo? Then you could have listened out for Music from Big Pinkie.
    I know, corny, but somebody had to say it.


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