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I have already shown you a picture of Weeza and Phil’s new house, but here it is again for those of you who missed it.  It’s a former Methodist church, situated in a North Norfolk village and is sufficiently far off the beaten track that I can get neither mobile phone nor internet coverage there.

Old Chapel






And here are some pictures of what we had to deal with.


Pizza diet?

Pizza diet?

The picture on the right is the floor of the oven, that on the left is the colour of the water after its first clean.  Second and third were as bad, it’ll take a couple more.  If I might give two words of advice to those who regularly cook pizzas on their oven shelf, they are Aluminium Foil.  Just put a square on the floor of the oven and change it every so often.  Simple as that.

IMG_2035 IMG_2032





We seem to be reading right to left again.  The house wasn’t filthy but it was generally grubby and not very welcoming.  We took over several bags of sawdust which we spread over the floor and then dampened and then swept up, which both prevented the dust from wafting about and added a pleasantly woody smell to the atmosphere.  And Weeza and I cracked on with the kitchen.  After an afternoon’s work, it all looked much better and we were quite cheered.  Russell and I are going to meet them again on Sunday and finish the job.

School started again today and I went in to the first assembly.  1,100 children sitting there quietly chatting until the Head spoke and then there was total silence.  The Head Boy and Head Girl and their deputies spoke too, I smirked when I was introduced but had chosen not to speak, I was wearing my new dress that I’d bought for the interviews that aren’t now happening, or not yet.  It’s navy with tiny white dots, fitted, with a peplum, just below knee length, sleeveless.  I was doubtful whether to buy it because of the sleevelessness combined with the peplum, it’s not easy to know what to wear on top of it, though I do have a summery white jacket that goes for now.  I was swayed by the size 8ness of it, I can’t deny, but I do like it and I’m pleased I bought it.

9 comments on “Z scrubs

  1. tim

    You really shouldn’t send me scurrying to the dictionary at eleven o’clock at night, but thanks anyway for yet another word I will never ever use in conversation. A picture of a peplum would be useful, just to confirm my visualisation.

  2. Z Post author

    Can’t do a selfie now, the light isn’t good enough in my room. I’ll put the dress on again in the morning and take a pic to show you.

  3. Blue Witch

    Can I book you to come and do my Aga doors and lids, please?

    Incidentally, the main page of my blog *doesn’t* need a password. Anyone can get to the last month of posts by going directly to blue-witch.co.uk. The only reason the rest requires a password is that some nasty American scripts use up 10GB a month if I let them land on any date archived page (ie any individual entry URL). And now tht you pay for your own bandwidth, I’m sure you appreciate ow expensive that would be…

  4. Z Post author

    Aga cleaning a speciality!

    Well, that was my understanding but my friend said the link on my sidebar, which is to blue-witch.co.uk, asks for one. I’ll get her to try again.

  5. Roses

    Good advice re: the foil. I’ll have to remember that. In the past, I’ve moved house to avoid cleaning the oven. But I was never *that* bad. That’s vile.

    Good to hear they’re getting sorted.

    And once again, you’re johnny-on-the-spot to get a house move all organised and done.

    You are just awesome!


  6. Z Post author

    Similarly, a piece in the bottom of the grill pan saves having to scrub it, you can just throw the foil away. Anything to save housework. Though cleaning up when you can really see the difference you’ve made is far more satisfying than faffing around daily when the house wasn’t dirty in the first place, which is just filling in time when you’ve nothing better to do!

  7. kipper

    Thanks BW-the pictures of Turkey are beautiful. Z, you are so correct about cleaning/tidying not being as fulfilling as cleaning up a big fat mess.

  8. 63mago

    Ah yes, I know such ovens. When you have mined the coal you can try some spray-on thing: You spray some fluid on the metall, it becomes foamy, and you have to heat the oven – either before spraying or after, I forgot. What I did not forget is how damn dangerous this is – if you should deceide to use such a device, take care not to inhale something from these emanating miasma, it is really damaging to the lungs and the bronchii. A bit like war gas.

  9. Z Post author

    I did use a foam oven cleaner, but there are layers and layers of that stuff. I’ll be the master of it in time. I’m persistent.


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