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I went to the dentist this morning – just a regular check-up, but it’s been postponed twice. He took x-rays as well as the normal examination and all is fine, which wasn’t unexpected but is still a relief. Losing a filling or chipping a tooth would have been such a disaster during lockdown, I’ve been exceptionally careful. I’ve made my usual six-monthly appointment, which is a wonderfully normal thing to do. I also asked about Wink becoming a patient – my middle-aged (way younger than I am) dentist said that he and his co-owner are wanting to work fewer hours so are taking on two more dentists, but there certainly is capacity for new patients. He will see her first and evaluate who’s the best person to see her in the long run.

I spent the afternoon valuing china and I need to type everything up on Friday. Not tomorrow because that’s a family day. Tim has been in Reading and is home now, after some car problems on the road, so we’re both ready for an earlyish night.

Polly Garter chicken was waiting for breakfast again this morning. She went back to sit again later but I think there is less and less chance of any chicks hatching, thank goodness.

I have been careless. I went to the deli and the greengrocer and then, carrying three bags, I called in at the florist. I put down my bags while I was being served and picked them up on my way out, I thought. As I was in a hurry when I unpacked, I didn’t take much note but, wanting to prepare vegetables for dinner, I couldn’t find the beans. And then I couldn’t find the salad greens, radishes, garlic, plums or spring onions. I can only think I left one of the bags in the florist. I’ll have to pop back or phone in the morning. So stupid, I could have gone straight back if I’d been thinking about what I was doing and had noticed.

I bought extra flowers for Russell’s grave as it’s the sixth anniversary of his death tomorrow. I used to be mercifully forgetful of anniversaries but it’s getting harder to be and I have a build-up for several weeks of the difficult ones. It doesn’t make any difference, how long ago the event was. I think it gets worse as time goes by. But making a fuss doesn’t help either, better to acknowledge it and move on.

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  1. Scarlet

    I also think that time going by can make significant events more difficult. I can’t describe the feeling, but there should be a special word for it.
    I have an appointment for the dentist next week – we have already spoken on the phone, and the theory is that my jaw clenching whilst I sleep has caused a tooth to loosen. I kind of wish it was a simple cavity because then at least he could put some temporary gunk in it to stop the pain, as it is I think I’m stuck with the ache.

    P.S Don’t know if you’re aware but we can comment on Blogger again whilst using Safari if we uncheck the cookie box, etc.

    1. Z Post author

      I think you can get a mouth guard to stop doing that. I hope so.

      I have commented on Blogger with Safari, so I don’t need to resort to Chrome to do so. I found out by accident, having forgotten to switch. Way behind on blog reading though, let alone commenting. It’s been a bit busy and then I fall asleep.

      And yes to your first sentence. I think that too.


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