Z said ‘Phooey’

I didn’t take an umbrella. Well, it would indicate a dreary degree of maturity, wouldn’t it? It was a lovely day anyway and I’d have been annoyed to have had to cart it around.

I’ve had a fabulous day. Everyone who says the Gormley exhibition is great is absolutely right. Do go, if you can.

I must go to have a bath. I am hot and tired and I need to get to bed and cuddle a husband. I think mine is available, if I act now.

See you tomorrow, darlings. xx

7 comments on “Z said ‘Phooey’

  1. Wendz

    Gormley is a terrible name – sounds like something from Harry Potter.

    Could you please send me an email? – I don’t have your address anymore (cleaned up my inbox a while back) and I want to send you the acronym instructions.

    Anyway -I am pleased you had a good day – hope you got that cuddle.

  2. Z

    Better to be Gormley than Gormless, I guess.

    We fell asleep in each other’s arms, darling.

    Rightoh, I’m just going out now, I’ll do it this afternoon.

  3. Z

    Do go, Boy. It is the most engaging art exhibition I’ve been to in ages. I want to go again, too.

    Yup, husband was marvellously cuddly, although I fell asleep very quickly!

  4. Z

    Oh, dear heart, you must realise that I am a Gentle and Modest woman. If you would care to meet me, you have to be specific, as I am too shy to approach you.

    I’ll be visiting again soon, however, as I didn’t do all sorts of things I’d like to have done. Two exhibitions in a day are enough.


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