Z runs late

Just realised how late it is.  Whoops.

I spent all day in school and had a lot to catch up on this evening.  Admittedly, however, I’ve spent quite some time reading the papers when it probably would have been better to get the typing done first.  All finished now though, except one document stubbornly refuses to save when I set it out as I want it – I had to combine several reports and just wanted to put a page break between each.  Won’t let me.  Or rather, it lets me, just then won’t save it.  I’ve got to email the document out, but I’ll work it out tomorrow, I’ve had enough of it for tonight.  I had a similar problem a while ago, can’t remember how I resolved it.  I suspect I had to retype the document rather than copy and paste it.

Trying to move our dining table from one room into another, it’s been discovered that it’s 1/4 inch too high (tipped on its side, that is, it’s certainly too wide).  The Sage is blithely going to saw a bit off.  I’m going to make sure I’m out of the house when that happens, the whole business is too nerve-wracking for me.  Having said that, I’m sure he’ll be successful, he usually gets away with things.  The other day, mind you, a table wouldn’t go through the same passageway.  “It came in here all right, how about taking the door off?”  The door was lifted off, but it still wouldn’t fit.  “How about the window?”  The Sage was perfectly sure it wouldn’t work, but every other method had failed so he tried in the end.  And that was it.  I tried and failed not to look smug.

Not sure if we’ll like the dining table in there, mind you, it’ll be a bit embarrassing if I have to ask them to take it out again.  I’d forgotten how low the ceiling is in that room and it’s rather dark.  Still, I daresay it’ll be fine.  At least the room is cleared now.  Well, nearly.

8 comments on “Z runs late

  1. Christopher

    Come on, this shouldn’t be beyond you. You could:

    1. Take the table to bits and re-assemble it wherever you want

    2. Take the door off its hinges, wrench the door-frame out with a crowbar, remove the surrounding masonry with a jack-hammer to the required width

    3. Blast a hole in the outside wall with a small charge of TNT or judiciously aimed RPG, remove table (having previously covered it with a dust-sheet) and convey round the outside of the house to the desired point of entry (you may have to blast another hole)

    4. Move somewhere else

  2. Z

    I adore a man of resourcefulness and powerful action, hem hem.

    1 We’ve taken the top off. The construction of the refectory table means that, if the rest is taken apart, it’ll never go back again and would have to be remade.

    2 It won’t go through the door frame at either end of the passageway so it’ll be double the work suggested. However, entirely feasible.

    3 We can take the table outside without difficulty. So it will only be necessary to blast an entry hole in the newly cleared room. It will take a while to get Listed Building consent though, so I’m afraid I’m doomed to chaos and dust for some months to come.

    4 Okay, that would work.

  3. Z

    Too late, Mike, the Sage has already wielded a saw. But not on the table.

    That room looks lovely without a great big table in it, actually. I really want it as a sitting room, and we’ve got another smaller table that we can eat off when it’s just a few of us.


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