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It has been a very busy week, mostly because of grandchildren stuff, which is absolutely lovely but exhausting nowadays. I’m out of practice.

Young Rufus came to stay on Saturday night and it became apparent that he fully intended to stay at least an extra night. He simply loves this house. I said to Tim, I think he’d move in and hoof us out, given half a chance. Tim squared his shoulders and said there’s no chance of that. Rufus is a great little boy and we had a lot of fun, but I was tired out by the time I took him home. No time for tiredness, however, as I’d promised to take Zerlina to Norwich, to go shopping for her 13th birthday next week.

Zerlina is a charming, gorgeous, tall, confident young woman. She and her friends are very interested in fashion and she knows what she likes. She is a delight and, to my great joy, she treats me as a person, not an elderly granny. Gazing in my wardrobe on Monday morning, I wondered what to wear, for going out with this fashionable girl – and then realised it didn’t matter in the least. All I had to do was not be embarrassing. I chose a longish, navy linen dress and reckoned I’d blend in. We had a lovely time, though I had a few minutes in the shopping mall when I had to remove my face mask and pant a bit, because her long legs cover a lot more ground than my short ones and I was feeling a bit dizzy because I’d hurried more than was sensible.

The next day, Squiffany came to help Wink hang pictures. She’s also lovely and immensely kind. I adore all my grandchildren, I feel so lucky. They are all very different, it must be said.

Anyway, to come up to date – I’m meeting Rose for lunch tomorrow, which we’re looking forward to. Tim, indulgently, said that we probably want a girly chat, so he’ll look after himself. We couldn’t quite be bothered to go shopping today, so he’s going to have to rummage around for food – there’s some leftover mackerel and a bit of cheese, plenty of eggs, he’ll be fine.

Zoe and Mike are coming to stay for the weekend. They should have stayed after the blog party, but Mike had left vital medication at home, so they had to scoot back that evening. I said we’d ask them back soon and so we have. They can stay two nights, so that’ll be a good chance to relax and chat. I’ve ordered in Indian food for Saturday night and Wink has invited us for Sunday lunch, so it’ll be easygoing. Tim has also taken the precaution of ordering some wine.

I have work to do – just one email, but it’s a business one and it can’t wait – so I may not visit many of you tonight. I will catch up on blogs in the next few days, though.

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