Z rolls up her sleeves

I thought I’d start by taking the doors off, so I removed several trays of apples from the larder floor and set to with a screwdriver.  I was lucky to be able to find one, Russell never puts tools back.  All but one screwdriver were the Phillips sort.  I got the first door off, but the others were all too stiff.  I’ll take a crowbar to it tomorrow, can’t be doing with finesse any longer.

I have indeed cooked the puddings, they’ve been steaming all day in the bottom oven.  I have this awful feeling of compulsion, quite hard to resist, to go out and do more cooking this evening.  But I’ve also made two batches of soup, and we’ve eaten one, so that really is enough for the day.  Tomorrow, a couple of strong mates are coming round to help move the freezer (the apples are now in the way of where I want it to go) which will be excellent.  I moved it temporarily into the porch some 9 years ago.

A little while ago, Ben came to me and gave a little whimper, so I got up to let him out.  But he led me firmly to the kitchen and stood looking up at the puddings and then at me, telling me quite clearly that he thought he should have his share now, please.  I gave him a dog biscuit instead I’m afraid.  I’m soft, but not that soft.  Little Rupert the spaniel came over yesterday, they had a great day.  He’s coming again on Tuesday, though I haven’t mentioned this to Ben yet.

After the freezer is moved, I will go over to Halesworth, where the students will be building the plane – you can see it in the background.  I was at the opening but kept out of the photos as far as possible.  I was in the one in the newspaper, but only if you knew it was me and recognised my hair, my face wasn’t visible.  The website is still in its early stages, by the way, it’s got various blanks among its pages, though things like policy documents will be added in due course.  Not that anyone reads them except the staff and governors who write them, but you’ve got to have them.  The policy on charging for music lessons, anti-bullying and equal opportunities for students with disabilities are about the only school policies that are ever asked for, and of those it’s usually the music one.



5 comments on “Z rolls up her sleeves

  1. mig

    Oh what fun – the cupboards and the puddings. I am enjoying the thought of you wielding a crowbar, even wandered around looking thoughtfully at our cupboards. Sadly they mostly just need new hinges – not nearly as exciting.

  2. Mike Horner

    Yes, I can imagine that too! but on the other hand, I can’t see a plane in the background. In fact I can’t see a picture. Please Zoe, what do you mean? Footnotes, please.

  3. Z Post author

    Round one to the cupboards, I’m afraid.

    Sorry Mike, that wasn’t at all clear – you’d have to click on Halesworth, the pics are on the website.


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