Z rides her new bike!!(!)

El and Phil were going to borrow my car for the day, so they took me to the bicycle shop first. It all took some time, as I wanted to order a whole range of useful accessories, such as lights and panniers and stuff. It was all most … I was going to say exciting, then I thought better of it and nearly put interesting, as I have never looked through bicycle accessory catalogues before, but actually that’s not the word either. Insert your own word, if you will.

The Sage had, indeed, announced that it was to be his present to me, which was very sweet of him and, with his usual delicacy, he slipped a wodge of banknotes into El’s hand, so as not to sully mine with the touch of Filthy Lucre. She, I believe, was buying the accesories, but I became a little confused. I paid for nothing, just pointed and squeaked “I’ll have that one!” several times.

And yes, I’ve ordered a helmet too. I’ll look a complete plank, but with any luck one made of growing rather than dead wood.

I got on the bike, got off again and asked him to lower the seat as much as possible, reascended and wobbled purposefully to the corner. I rode to the bike parking places thingies near the bus shelter and went to buy food, left my bags with Al and fetched the bike for him to admire. We put the shopping bags one each side of the shelfy thingy at the back, each dangling from its handles and I set off home. As I swept down the hill down castle lane, I reflected that I’d never be able to cycle up it again. I reparked outside the post office, carefully setting the combination lock, and went into the wholefood shop and then started to pedal the final mile home.

So cycling a couple of miles is within my capabilities. I hadn’t been sure. And I did look on the keenly watchful traffic warden with a detached and lofty air.

However, later, there was an accident. Fortunately, it did not result in any injury – indeed, it didn’t involve me at all. The Sage drove into town for some chicken food and parked outside the pet shop. While he was in there, he heard a crash and went out again to find a 4×4 with its muzzle thrust hard into the rear of his little car. Although it is still driveable, he suspects it will be a write-off, but the chap concerned says he will pay, whatever.

I will tell you about the auction sale tomorrow. Pip-pip, darlings.

11 comments on “Z rides her new bike!!(!)

  1. martin

    From your description for some reason I got an image of Miss Marple cycling around the village. No doubt you will be called in by the local constabulary to solve a murder at the Grange…..

  2. Dave

    Oh yes; do you have a wicker basket attached to the handlebars?

    In many ways I wish I’d been born a hundred years earlier – I can envisage myself riding around a village, doffing my hat to the ladies.

  3. Z

    Absolutely right, darlings. I sit upright and progress in a stately, though slightly uncertain manner like a tipsy Marchioness. I do not have a wicker basket as it will get in the way of my front light. Panniers will, I trust, give an edge which will blur the anachronism of my very ladylike bike.

    Dave, what is there to stop you?

  4. Z

    Country lanes can be quite dangerous, Dave. There may be high hedges to block you from a dive when the 4x4s converge.

    Discreet and melodious, Ad.

  5. badgerdaddy

    Those fucking 4x4s are a pain in the arse on that bit of road. If I’d been there I’d have waded in on his behalf. They are owned, largely, by arseholes whose idea of off-road driving is parking on the pavement, and by those who do not actually know how to drive; in those bastard vehicles, it doesn’t matter so much if you hit something, as they’re all right, Jack. Grrrrrr.

    Congrats on the new bike.

  6. Z

    On the whole, I agree with you, but the man concerned does live on a farm out in the Saints, so a 4×4 is justified – and he was very apologetic. He was going to the pet shop for a sack of dog food or something.

    I’ve told everyone to challenge me if they see me going into town by car and make me justify it. Mind you, I’m out for the next couple of days. High School on Wednesday though…but it’s uphill 🙁

  7. AFC 30K

    I bought a bike for Wifey some years ago on a (dirty) weekend away in the new forest. She took the bike out of the shop, sat on in and fell off.

    She has used it twice in total which is scandelous for saying we live less than half a mile away from the ‘Downs Link’ path/ cycleway.

    I did say I’d get her a trailer for the baby to ride in but her relpy was not repeatable…

    So good for you on your new bike.


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