Z respects Asparagus

I’ve just eaten dinner which, when I went to cook it, was still just a twinkle in my eye as I’d overlooked there being a bank holiday when the shops were shut.  That is, I don’t suppose the Co-op was, but I hadn’t got on my bike and shopped, as it was jolly cold and windy.  In fact, I’ve been out to the Dutch light greenhouse and covered over vulnerable things, as they were talking darkly about frost tonight, earlier on.

Anyway, I had a head of celery (is that the right word?  I think so but it looks strangely impolite) and a couple of parsnips and some onions and not a lot else.  But I did have some chicken stock.  So I decided to see what parsnip’n’celery risotto tasted like.  And to serve it with a nice Norfolk Little Gem lettuce that I remembered was in the fridge.

This was nearly cooked when the Sage came in and I remembered that he had, earlier, mentioned asparagus.  So I asked him to pick it.  The asparagus, that is.  Darlings, there was lots.  I also remembered a small amount of fillet of pork in random sauce (basically shallot and red pepper, can’t remember what else) that a small amount of was in a bowl in the fridge.

It all got served up together and, having chattered away to the Sage’s complete entertainment, I explained that I was going to observe a respectful silence for the first home-grown asparagus of the season.  Silence didn’t last for long, as my groans of delight soon pierced the air.  I have, of course, saved the cooking water and trimmings as the basis for another stock.  Frugal, me.  And greedy.

The Sage has suddenly decided to waft himself off westwards tomorrow.  He will stay overnight with Wink (having saluted Stonehenge with an uplifted heart on the way) and then head for Gloucestershire, to three destinations and then other places on his way home.  I have a meeting here at 7.30 tomorrow night, but after that I can watch episodes of Deadwood (I’m really slow, I’m only just on Series 3, after months and months) without having to put on headphones, because the language is too strong for the Sage’s tender ears.

Ooh, I can hear the coffee grinder.  The Sage is looking after me again.

10 comments on “Z respects Asparagus

  1. Z

    Oh Rog, you Philistine. Mind you, I eat asparagus au naturel (which doesn’t mean I’m naked, not in the least) for the fullest yet most delicate flavour.

  2. mago

    A drop of very good olive oil. The “Sud” the asparagus was boiled in comes as an extra in a small white cup.
    A quart of fine white wine may also be on the table … Silvaner? Bacchus maybe?

  3. Dave

    Series 3. That’s the one in which Lovejoy gets a kidney stone, isn’t it? A very fair portrayal of what I go through every couple of months.

  4. Roses


    I lurve asparagus. I love it in rissottos, stir fries and au natural – like you, I don’t eat naked.

    The Sage grinds your coffee for you? True love to my mind. True love. xxx

  5. Z

    I kept the liquid to go towards asparagus soup. The trimmings were supposed to go in the same direction but I ate them raw while I was waiting for the toast this morning.

    When I roast asparagus I do it with olive oil, but I use very little butter or oil. I save my fat ration for cheese.

    Nice links, Dave. Ian McShane is brilliant in Deadwood. Your cabbage-free diet doesn’t seem to help the kidneys, maybe you should relax and enjoy your greens after all.

    He doesn’t even drink coffee, Roses – true love indeed.

  6. Pat

    At first it sounded healthy but dull but gradually you made it into a delicious repast. The sign of a good creative cook.

  7. Z

    The risotto was surprisingly good in fact, but I agree – it would have been a bit unenterprising on its own.

  8. Z

    It’s good for lots of people, when you can’t fit it all in a pan. Put it in a roasting tin, drizzle with olive oil and sea salt and shove in the oven for a bit. You can smear with butter if you prefer. Or both.

    Actually, some dried chilli flakes add a bit of zing, especially if your guests aren’t expecting them. Heh.


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