Z relaxes in the sun

What a beautiful spring day it has been.  It’s one of my favourite times of the year (no, can’t choose just one), when the blackthorn is in flower, soon to be followed by other trees blossoming and coming into leaf.  That it’s been so warm and sunny was a bonus.  The inevitable consequence was fog this evening though, and my journey home at half past nine was slow and careful.  Russell had been supposed to be out this evening too, but decided to stay home by the fire.

I must sow vegetable seeds soon, but I’ve lost the ones I’ve got.  I can’t remember at all what I’ve done with them.  I was too late last year and the weather was cold for so long that I bought plants, but the seeds I’d bought and those I saved are somewhere.  I gave up and went to buy more.  That’ll bring ’em out from their hiding place.

It’s what I love in particular, growing plants from seed.  I’m not the destructive type and don’t enjoy cutting things back or weeding, but nurturing seedlings and coaxing cuttings is another matter.  An hour a day in the greenhouse is more calming than almost anything else I can do.

But I’m waffling and must go to bed.  I only slept for a couple of hours last night and that’s silly.  I’m tired and anxious this week (nothing personal, all school stuff and too much to do) and looking after myself most carefully.  Mostly, that means eating cake.  I think that’s a very caring thing to do.

3 comments on “Z relaxes in the sun

  1. nick

    It’s fun seeing all the spring flowers coming up. I always look forward to May, when our cherry blossom tree produces a riot of pink blossom.

    Eating cake is a very caring thing to do. Especially chocolate cake with lots of cream and icing.

  2. sarah

    I’m glad you were careful in the fog. I’m wondering how much the fog contributed to the helicopter crash near you.

  3. Z Post author

    I didn’t have any chocolate cake, only fruit, lemon and coffee & walnut. I haven’t managed to scoff all of them yet, I may have to give in gracefully.

    What a terrible thing to happen. yes, that was the first thought I had, Sarah.


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