Z relaxes

There used to be no internet and no phone, here at the Pembrokeshire caravan, but an intermittent connection is gradually creeping through, so I’m writing on my phone, which is something I haven’t done since the days when I determinedly blogged every day.

It’s such a pleasure to be here. I see why LT loves it so much. He had a connection going back to childhood which I don’t, and also a link to his late wife, which I think is lovely – we don’t lose the past when we move on to a happy new life, it’s all part of our experience of life. I love it too and enjoy being shown his old haunts. We went to one of them today – first to Fishguard, to show Wink the marvellous embroidery that commemorates the French invasion of 1797, that I wrote about last year, and then on to Porthgain, where he has excellent memories of convivial evenings with friends.

Sound sleep at night and afternoon naps mark my time here. It’s the sea air, I suppose. LT calls it the Pembrokeshire effect. We’ve just one more day and the forecast is good, so we might manage a stroll along the beach. Possibly to a pub.

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    1. Z Post author

      Tim and I both grew up near the sea, it’s a healthy place, I think. If you’re travelling with three boys, I should think plenty of sleep is a priority! I’ll drop in to say hello on your blog, once we’re home 🙂


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