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Reading my way round blogs over the last week, the general feeling seems to be that 2011 was a fairly tough year and most people are glad that it’s over.  That wasn’t my experience at all, so please excuse me if I take a few minutes to look back on a jolly good year.

Not just good for me, but for the family, in fact.  In January, Ro moved in with Dora.  They are still in the same very small place, but are making plans for the future which includes buying a house this year.

Dilly and Al’s third baby, Hadrian Swallow, named (by me, that is) in honour of the Wall, was born in May, and Weeza and Phil’s baby, Augustus Bufo, was born two days after his sister’s third birthday in August.  The other day, we stood the two babies up (they both like standing) to face one another.  They have recently started to eye each other with interest, but they were reaching out to touch this time, particularly Hay, the elder.

The Sage had a splendid year.  He had two very successful sales and was thrilled that the water bottle and basin in his last auction at the end of October made a record auction price for Lowestoft china, at £34,500.  In April, he celebrated 50 years as an auctioneer and in June his 75th birthday.  On the strength of that, I was allowed, for the first time, to hold a birthday party for him.  Encouraged by that, he held another birthday party for his old car, which was 78 in August.

It was a summer of parties – not that summery was quite the weather for the Great Wall Party in May.  I foolishly planned a barbecue, and ended up doing all the cooking in the kitchen instead which meant I wasn’t half as sociable myself as I’d have liked to be, but it was wonderful to meet so many of you.  I’d already met Rog and knew Dave well, of course, but it was brilliant also to meet Mike and Ann, Chris and J., Mrs Rine, Lily and Oz, Bill and Mrs Bill, Sarah, Sir Bruin and Liz, the Small Bear, and you all follow each others’ blogs now too.  I’ve never met so many bloggers as this year – Blue Witch, with Mr BW, was my first ever blog meet and she called in again in the summer, and I was able to meet Fwengebola, PixieMum and her husband and Chris again in London in the autumn.  We’d also been to Roses’ birthday party earlier in the year which was a great do.  Thank you all, I enjoyed seeing you so much.

I now have accepted my fate, that my main occupation seems to be school governor – I certainly take it more seriously than anything else I do – and it was quite a year.  The long discussions about applying for academy status, the decision to go ahead, the Ofsted inspection that judged us an outstanding school and the preparations to take in two extra year groups – and, at the same time, keeping up the quality of education – took so much work for all the staff, especially the Head, who is quite remarkable.  It has all paid off so far, still worrying times financially (though under control and in budget), but going wonderfully well otherwise.

At home, we did get the drive widening and resurfacing completed in the end.  It was at the expense of other things to an extent, I grew no vegetables and the kitchen garden is a wilderness.  Weather permitting, we need to start getting that back in order soon.

No resolutions as such this year, simply an intention to feel able to blog a bit less.  Having set myself the goal of a daily blog, it has occasionally turned into a duty, with me sitting at the computer late of night with nothing to write about, churning out something, anything … I’ve shown I can manage the commitment, but it’s not really necessary.  So if I don’t write for a day or two, it’ll because I’m short of time or haven’t got anything to say.  If I decide to take a week off, I’ll tell you.

A hope more than necessarily an intention is that I’ll continue to play the clarinet.  I’m still undecided whether to take lessons.  I have been enjoying it, but am finding it frustrating that I play so much more poorly than I did a few years ago – though ‘a few’ is probably getting on for fifteen.

A definite plan is to hold another blog party.  When I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, several of you said you’d like to come here again, and we’d love it too.  I’m thinking of sometime during late May to mid July probably.  If anyone has other commitments but would like to join us, let me know dates when you either can only come or can’t come, and we’ll see if there’s something that suits as many as possible.  Saturday or Sunday, I don’t mind, but I’ve got a few weekends booked myself already.

26 comments on “Z recaps

  1. lx

    I personally think of blogging as a fun hobby and excellent opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world that one would otherwise never know. It’s not an obligation, so write what you want, when you want…

  2. sablonneuse

    So pleased 2011 was good for you and I hope 2012 will be even better. Here’s wishing you good health and happiness. hugs xx

  3. Z

    It’s been brilliant fun, LX, I never imagined I’d make so many friends from it.

    Thank you Sandy. Hope all is well with you. I do think of you and wonder how things are going xx

  4. Z

    Someone on a committee I chaired always called me the Ayatollah, Rog.

    The court needs a bit of attention and the lines repainted, but the intention is for it to be in use by then. Several spare rackets, so you will have partners, and I’ll get some balls too.

  5. Liz

    The reason I didn’t do any kind of review of 2011 on my blog was that whilst it wasn’t all bad, some of it was a bit pants. I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s year end blogs though.

    We’re definitely up for another blog meet. Bring on the party!

  6. Alienne

    I have never understood how you manage to post every day, I just couldn’t do that. As lx said, it isn’t an obligation and if it feels like that you are right to reduce it as and when you wish.

    We’ll still be here to read it.

  7. Mike and Ann

    Z, from a purely selfish point of view I shall miss your daily blog; but I must admit that blogging two or three times a week is about right for me. Ref the summer party, if you can let us know the proposed date, we will arrange our summer round it.

    Warm regards to you both, Mike and Ann.

  8. Z

    I hope it didn’t come over too much as a self-congratulatory round robin Christmas letter. Oh bum. It did, didn’t it. Sorry.

    I probably will blog almost daily, to be honest. Just not when I’m scouting around for something to say. I’ll just give up.

    A card I received a couple of years ago tomorrow. And then possible dates for the party. Not that I’m a compulsive planner or anything. Oh no, not me. wild’n’free, is Z. Ahem.

  9. Sir Bruin

    Glad you had a good year. As the Smaller Bear said, our year had some shitty bits, which are best left in the past.
    It’s ironic that I have bought a bike which is more suited to rougher terrain just as you have levelled your drive. However, give us a date and we’ll darken your doorstep. Think I’ll pass on the tennis though. I have also refrained from picking up on your comment about getting some balls.

  10. allotmentqueen

    Well to be honest I think we all (who’ve been reading your blogs) knew that you’d had a pretty good year, what with all these babies and parties. So I don’t see what’s wrong with you acknowledging that.
    I will miss a daily blog, but it won’t be the end of the world, and quality is better than quantity, eh? Oh dear, now I’m asking for quality. *slinks off*

  11. PixieMum

    would love to come to a party so we could meet up again.

    As for dates, it will depend on Ian’s OU commitments, we are assuming there may be a weekend Summer school with some Saturday and or Sunday tutorials. Once we know these events in the social diary can be pencilled in.

    Pleased you will keep the blog going, I’m trying to do mine today along with reading ‘For whom the bell tolls’ by next Monday for reading group. Ian is studying each morning so I am attempting to to take over the little housewife roles then.

  12. Blue Witch

    Hopefully we’ll make it this year…

    I’d think it would be best to avoid the Bank Holiday weekends as there seems to be a lot going on in most localities during them. But maybe that doesn’t apply to people travelling from further, who’d find the journey easier over a three- or four- day weekend?

    But, you’ll never suit everyone, so I’d just set the date and let the people work round it/to it!

  13. Z

    I’ll give options when I’m free and we’ll go from there. We can confirm a date nearer the time.

    You’re invited, Macy. No doubt about it.

  14. Z

    Right, Tim, not on the 14th then. Mustn’t compete with your party and you can’t be in two places at once.

    Phil, I am more astonished that you’ve left a comment than to find how far you’ll travel for a square meal. Of course you’re invited.

  15. Z

    That’s all right, Badge, you can play tennis with Rog and otherwise skulk in a corner with Al, neither of you saying much.

  16. luckyzmom

    Really, I agree with LX. And I appologize for my previous un reasonable, uncalled for whining. As you know I haven’t posted since October and I have neglected your blog (and all others) for three weeks.

    A “ball” comment did cross my mind%]


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