Z reads the papers on the day they’re delivered

I bought a new mascara today.  That was a mistake – that is, I daresay it’s a splendid mascara, but the plastic wrapping was very difficult to get off.  I thought that there would be a pull tag, but no such luck as far as I could see.  It took the sharp point of a knife, my teeth and my nails about five minutes to remove the shrink-wrapped plastic and two nails have subsequently broken.  Poor do, Max Factor.  If there was an easier way, you should have made it apparent.

When I was filling my milk bottle at the farm, where raw milk is sold almost straight from the cow, a man waiting his turn behind me asked how I stop it foaming up.  “Tilt the bottle so the milk hits the side first,” I said.  “Like filling a glass of beer.”  He tried it and it worked.  Well, of course it did, but he was pleased.

Most of the oak has been cut up now, a friend brought round his log splitter the other day and we’ve had a man with an axe today to cut it into smaller pieces.  Next, it has to be shifted to a spot where it can spend a year drying out.  I decided I couldn’t do the barrowing again, it was almost too much for my back last weekend, that as well as the stacking, so a helpful schoolboy is coming along tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain.

Another early night, I’m taking it easy this weekend.

6 comments on “Z reads the papers on the day they’re delivered

  1. kipper

    Try using a manual can opener next time, around the perimeter of the plastic seal. I have done that and it partially opened the plastic-enough that scissors could be used to completely open it up.

  2. tim

    I don’t have a mascara problem either. But don’t start me on light bulbs – especially those tiny halogen ones that come defended by an impenetrable carapace of rigid plastic, but which you’re not supposed to touch with your fingers, otherwise they’ll blow up as soon as you switch them on (assuming you can get their minute plug spikes into the even smaller sockets of the fitting (which is always on the ceiling or inside a cupboard full of precious crystal) …
    Ah. I think I might have to resume blogranting.

  3. Z Post author

    It was shrink wrapped, tough plastic and even cutting through it didn’t help because I couldn’t tell where it opened. Pulling at it left sharp edges and I had to take it all off, it was absurd. The can opener tip is a good one, though, thank you.

    You’ve got lovely eyelashes already, John.

    Tim, hooray!

  4. Roses

    Is the mascara worth all the effort of disrobing it of packaging?

    I’m genuinely curious. Mascara tends to give me panda eyes unless it’s hardcore waterproof, so I miss out on all that lovely volumizing, fanning, butterfly effect…etc.

  5. Z Post author

    Darling, you have lovely dark lashes, I’m not so lucky. I agree though – nearly all the mascaras on the shelf are not labelled waterproof, I wouldn’t touch one that isn’t. Even some that are, smudge. I have no problem removing waterproof mascara with my normal cleanser, but if it’s really tough a touch of baby oil takes it off in an instant.


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